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Kevin Henry: Tough Times?


We are living in a very unusual time. The effects of COVID-19 are not yet fully known and the eventual impact may affect many facets of life both personally and corporately. Undoubtedly, we will see restrictions on travel and growth; and the potential for a recession in parts of the world continue to increase.

So, what to do? As people, we are very resilient and have overcome many serious situations in the past. This is but another step in life – and this may be a chance to make changes in our lives. For many people, a tough time is a time to dig deeper, love life more, seize opportunities and take steps that we may have been slow to take when things were stable.

Previous to becoming an instructor, I was the President of a Union (Labour Council) and we faced tough times as people lost their jobs and the company ‘cleaned house’. A tragedy and sad event in many ways. And there was little we could do – but we were all okay in the end. 

It was a tough year – turmoil, indecision, reflection, but in the end, we dug deeper and made the changes we needed to make. Many sought additional skills and certifications that would present them with more credibility and opportunity. We might feel overwhelmed at times - but let's not lose hope - Let's be okay. 

As a training company, Readynez is sure to be affected – but as our name says – we are ready and we really hope that we can help you be ready too. We have accelerated the development of our online training options – to create opportunities for you and open new doors. I hope to see you online or in a class – to share with you and learn from you – and to celebrate your success in the future. We are ready for it.


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