Why an ISACA CRISC Certification Will Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

Building a customized risk management strategy makes it possible to identify, analyze, and prioritize the way a company responds to risks. Ultimately, strong risk management delivers a greater value to stakeholders in the business; that’s why the CRISC certification is so valuable.

The current need for information risk management is huge. Nearly every industry is affected by a host of cyberattacks; many of those attacks result in a data breach. Controlling information security is important, but without a solid risk management strategy, that’s a difficult task.

What is CRISC certification?

CRISC certification is one of the security certifications offered by ISACA. However, it’s the only certification that prioritizes enterprise risk management.

The certification covers the following four domains:

  • Governance (26%)
  • IT risk assessment (20%)
  • Risk response and reporting (32%)
  • Information technology and security (22%)

The exam consists of 150 questions and takes about four hours to complete. This certification is not entry-level, but is designed for experienced IT professionals in the realm of IT/IS audit and risk management.

If you’ve been working in these areas for a while, CRISC certification is the next step in your career and is a highly regarded certification. In fact, the 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report named CRISC the #4 top paying certification in the world.

Here’s why you should consider pursuing this valuable certification:


1. You meet the qualifications

The best reason to get CRISC certified is already qualifying for the exam. You’ll still need to take a course and study hard to learn new things, but since it’s a rare certification, it makes sense to get it under your belt.

CRISC qualifications

To qualify for certification, you’ll need a minimum of three years of cumulative, verifiable work experience within at least three of the aforementioned CRISC domains. Unlike other certifications, you cannot substitute other forms of experience to meet the qualifications.

It’s possible to take the exam before you meet all the qualifications, but you won’t be awarded your certification until you have those three years of work experience.


2. You want to be respected as a security expert

Having high-level security certifications automatically commands respect. When people see you as a security expert, they’ll respect your input and take you more seriously than someone who isn’t certified.

If you want to be respected as a security expert, getting CRISC certified will help you achieve that goal.


3. You want a higher salary

When your skills are in high demand and short supply, your bargaining power increases. You’re more likely to land a job with a higher salary when you’re CRISC certified than if you had no certification at all.

Currently, there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, so being certified gives you the upper hand. In recent years, thousands of organizations have woken up to the fact that no business is immune to cybercrime. They’re scrambling to hire in-house security teams, and many require specific certifications, like CRISC.

These companies receive stacks of resumes from people looking for security positions, but applicants without certifications are generally ignored. No matter how desperate they are, most companies will only hire certified professionals for IT security-related positions.

The scarcity of security professionals combined with the difficulty in finding certified applicants makes CRISC certification a great way to negotiate a well-deserved salary.


4. You’re committed to helping organizations become secure

If you’re passionate about helping organizations tighten up their security with a long-term plan and effective strategies, CRISC certification will help you step into that role.

It’s shocking how many businesses don’t have a strong IT security plan in place, let alone a strategy for risk prevention. As a CRISC certified professional, you can step into a high-level leadership role to support organizations where they need it most.


5. You want to grow in your career

Working as an IT security professional can become stagnant after a while. Certifications can help you shake things up a bit, especially if you want to move into a position where you’ll have more pull in the company.

CRISC certification will certainly give you more authority and pull in any given company. You’ll be the go-to expert for risk management.


Big tips for passing the CRISC exam

1. Learn from experienced certified professionals

Learning from certified professionals is an excellent way to increase your chances of passing the exam on the first try. You’ll find plenty of helpful videos published by CRISC certified professionals on YouTube. This video is a great place to start learning how to prepare for the exam from someone who has been there.

CRISC is not an easy exam to pass. You’ll need to study hard, but you’ll also need to do more than just memorize information. In order to pass the exam, you’ll need to understand the material well enough to apply it to real-world situations. By listening to experts share their tips, you’ll have a better chance at getting your certification.

Granted, you’ll gain real-world experience as you work in your new roles, but you’ll need a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge to get certified.

2. Take a prep course

Prep courses for difficult exams are popular for a reason – they get results. Prep courses systematically teach you the material you need to learn and provide help when you need to ask questions or get clarification. They also issue practice exams to help you get a feel for what the real exam will be like.

If you want to learn everything that’s needed to pass your CRISC certification, you need to take a prep course.


Get CRISC certified and advance your career

If you’ve always wanted a high-level career working with risk management to make a positive impact wherever you work, you’ll love having your CRISC certification. Take our CRISC online certification course and start working your way toward obtaining this highly coveted, much-needed certification.

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