How To Pass the GSEC exam

An international certification body known as the GIAC provides information security certificates for professionals that need specific skills and knowledge to address the difficulties of today's computer (internal or external) threats.

A "good foundation certification" for this purpose, the GSEC has quickly become one of the credentials frequently requested by businesses looking to augment their security teams or locate cybersecurity talent to fill their IT security vacancies; this qualification can validate the skill level of a practitioner and demonstrate his or her passion for the profession.

Exam Format For The GIAC Security Essential

  • Proctored exam: 1 exam.
  • Questions ranging from 106 to 180.
  • Maximum of four to five hours
  • A minimum of 73 percent is required to pass the exam.

Candidates who started their certification attempts on or after August 6, 2017, can expect to pass the GSEC exam with a passing score of 73 percent based on a scientific analysis.

The Certification Information in your account at can be used to validate the format and passing point for your individual certification attempt.

Who is GSEC for?

Anyone who is new to information security but has some prior experience with computer networks and systems.

  • Professionals in this field
  • Security managers
  • Those tasked with running the business
  • Supervisors and IT engineers
  • A team of security experts
  • Forensic scientists
  • Penetration testers
  • Auditors

How To Prepare For The GSEC exam

Training should be your first step

The Instructor-led GSEC training course associated with any GIAC certification is the best approach to prepare for it. GIAC certification validates the critical security skills learned in each SANS training session.

GSEC courses are currently available in both Virtual and classroom formats, so you may accomplish your preparation goals while balancing the demands of your job and family.

However, being a spectator in your training course won´t do it!. By asking questions, writing down notes, and conversing with the instructor throughout the class, you are more likely to retain what you've learned, increasing your chances of passing the GIAC exam.

Try applying what you've learned in class to real-world situations. Ask yourself if you can incorporate them into everyday life in a way that makes sense. Then, talk to a classmate or a friend about what you've learned. You've mastered an idea or expertise when you can explain it to someone else.

Don't forget to take a breather and enjoy the experience during your training course. Readynez instructors are not only experts in their fields, but they also have a wealth of anecdotes and experiences to share with their students. Aside from providing entertainment value, these stories will help you retain the knowledge you need for exam memory.

On The Exam Day

On exam day, try to get adequate sleep. Whether you're taking the test virtually or in person, be sure to bring your index, textbooks, and any other printed materials you might need.

Take each question one at a time during the exam. Have no idea what to do? If you don't have your index handy, use it! If you're feeling overwhelmed, take a big breath and, if necessary, use your break time. Avoid looking at the clock. Your exam time will be recalculated if there are any technical difficulties.

The most important thing to remember is to have faith in yourself! You worked hard and put forth the effort. Taking these steps will ensure that you have the best chance of doing well on your exam.


Some good certification programs can assist people to move from academic life into a professional one. GSEC is a good first step into the Information Security field, as many companies are looking to fill intermediate-level positions with highly skilled workers. It is also a good way to prepare for more advanced certifications, such as the GSE credential.

Since the IT Security field has a long-term shortage of skilled workers, GIAC's certifications, such as GSEC, can help inexperienced candidates who are looking for a new career path and want to demonstrate their interest in the field by obtaining a relevant credential that reflects their desire to learn and grow.


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