Is the MS-900 Exam Tough to Crack?

  • Is the MS-900 exam hard?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 02, 2024

Are you thinking about taking the MS-900 exam but not sure how hard it will be? In this article, we'll explore the MS-900 exam to see if it's difficult. We'll discuss what to expect, the level of difficulty, and tips for preparing. Let's find out if the MS-900 exam is as tough as it seems.

Overview of Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam has key learning objectives. These include understanding cloud concepts, security, compliance, privacy, and trust, as well as Microsoft 365 pricing and support.

It's essential for Microsoft 365 Certified aspirants to have a solid understanding of these fundamentals. The exam covers a wide range of topics forming the foundation of Microsoft 365 services.

The exam format includes multiple-choice questions. It covers cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services and concepts, security, compliance, privacy, and trust in Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 pricing and support.

Importance for Microsoft 365 Certified Aspirants

Obtaining a Microsoft 365 certification is very helpful for those interested. It gives them an advantage in the job market as employers value people with specific skills in Microsoft 365. Getting certified also opens up new career opportunities as it shows proficiency in cloud-based technologies and collaboration tools. Aspirants preparing for the MS-900 exam should use different study resources like online courses, practice tests, and study guides.

It's important to create a study plan that covers all exam objectives and allows enough preparation time. By preparing well for the exam, aspirants can confidently demonstrate their Microsoft 365 expertise and improve their chances of passing.

Exam Format and Content Coverage

The MS-900 exam has multiple-choice questions. It tests a candidate's understanding of Microsoft 365 and cloud services.

The exam covers cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services, security, compliance, privacy, trust in Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 pricing and support.

Candidates need to understand cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services, security, compliance, privacy, trust in Microsoft 365, and Microsoft 365 pricing and support.

The exam requires a thorough understanding of the topics and practical application of concepts. Candidates must apply problem-solving techniques to real-world scenarios.

Is the MS-900 Exam Hard?

Learning Objectives and Examination Depth

The MS-900 exam covers several learning objectives. It requires a solid understanding of cloud concepts and core services. Candidates need to comprehend Microsoft 365, including security, compliance, privacy, and trust. Compliance capabilities and licensing issues are also important. The exam depth in these areas requires a thorough understanding. The exam is considered challenging, especially for those new to cloud computing and Microsoft 365.

To succeed, candidates should focus on mastering Microsoft 365 services, understanding cloud concepts, and gaining a thorough understanding of compliance capabilities and licensing issues. A strong grasp of these areas will greatly increase the chances of passing the MS-900 exam.

Understanding Cloud Concepts and Core Services

Understanding cloud concepts and core services is important for Microsoft 365 certified aspirants. This includes different types of cloud services like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and the benefits and challenges of cloud computing. Having a solid grasp of these concepts is crucial for excelling in the MS-900 exam and in the field of cloud computing. The exam covers specific topics related to cloud security, compliance, trust, Microsoft 365 pricing, and support.

Comprehending Compliance Capabilities and Licensing Issues

Microsoft 365 certified aspirants should understand compliance capabilities and licensing issues. They need to know the rules and regulations for data management and protection in the Microsoft 365 environment.

Focus areas include understanding licensing options and identifying essential compliance capabilities. It's important to be aware of the consequences of non-compliance, like potential fines and legal actions.

Understanding these concepts helps ensure organizations operate within the law and protect their data effectively. Not knowing these aspects could cause serious issues for both the organization and the individual.

Developing a Study Plan to Crack MS-900

Identify Your Learning Style and Strengths

Identifying your learning style and strengths is important. You should consider your preferred method of learning new information. This could be visual, auditory, or kinetic methods. Understanding how you absorb and retain information best can greatly impact your studying habits and exam preparation.

Recognizing your strengths when it comes to studying and retaining information is crucial too. You might have a strong memory, a knack for understanding complex topics, or effective time management. These strengths can be used to enhance your study sessions and exam performance.

Adapting your note-taking style to retain and recall information during study sessions is also important. You can use colour-coded notes, create visual aids, or summarise key points in your own words. These methods can contribute to a deeper understanding of the material and aid in information retention.

By identifying your learning style and strengths, you can tailor your study approach to better suit your needs and ultimately improve your exam performance.

Adapt Note-Taking Style for Effective Retention

Adapting note-taking for effective retention when studying for the MS-900 exam can be achieved by considering different factors.

Understanding one's learning style and strengths is crucial to determine which note-taking techniques work best.

Visual learners can use diagrams, charts, or color-coding notes, while auditory learners may benefit from recording lectures or discussions.

Developing a study plan that includes regular note review, summarising key points, and organising information in a logical manner can significantly improve retention.

Practical examples of this include using the Cornell method or the Outline method to structure notes, resulting in a more systematic and effective approach to studying.

By adapting note-taking style to align with individual learning preferences and study habits, candidates can enhance their ability to retain important information and perform well in the exam.


The MS-900 exam is about Microsoft 365 basics. For some people, it can be tough. It includes cloud concepts, security, and Microsoft 365 benefits. But with good preparation, many people pass the exam.

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What is the level of difficulty for the MS-900 exam?

The level of difficulty for the MS-900 exam is considered to be moderate. It covers fundamental concepts of Microsoft 365, including security, compliance, and device management. A strong understanding of these topics and practical experience with Microsoft 365 will be beneficial for successful exam preparation.

What are some tips for preparing for the MS-900 exam?

Some tips for preparing for the MS-900 exam are to review the exam topics, practice with practice tests and study guides, and participate in Microsoft training courses or online tutorials. Focus on understanding concepts such as identity, roles, and security within Microsoft 365.

Are there any specific areas or topics that are particularly challenging in the MS-900 exam?

Yes, some areas that are particularly challenging in the MS-900 exam include understanding Microsoft 365 security and compliance features, as well as being familiar with different licensing options and plans. It's important to review and understand concepts such as data loss prevention, information protection, and threat protection.

How do I best prepare for the MS-900 exam to ensure success?

To best prepare for the MS-900 exam, utilize official Microsoft study materials, practice with sample questions, and take advantage of online training courses or boot camps. Familiarize yourself with Microsoft 365 concepts, security, compliance, and modern workplace skills.

Is it common for test takers to find the MS-900 exam challenging?

Yes, some test takers find the MS-900 exam challenging due to its comprehensive coverage of Microsoft 365 concepts, services, and security features. However, with thorough study and practical experience, many test takers have successfully passed the exam.

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