Cloud Certifications: All You Need to Know

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  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 29, 2024

Are you interested in cloud certifications?

Whether you're starting out or have experience, knowing about cloud certifications can help you explore new career paths.

From AWS to Microsoft Azure, there are various certifications available.

Curious about which one suits you best? Let's explore the fundamentals of cloud certifications and how they can boost your career in the tech industry.

What are Cloud Certifications?

Cloud certifications are important in IT. They help people show their skills in cloud computing. Certifications like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and IBM Cloud cover different cloud concepts and roles.

Getting certified, like with CompTIA Cloud+ or CCSP, can make someone more marketable, increase their salary, and show expertise to employers.

There are role-based certifications too, such as Cloud DevOps Engineer or Azure Administrator, focusing on specific areas in cloud computing.

Choosing the right certification depends on career goals and understanding of cloud platforms.

Preparing for exams can be done with guides, vouchers, and online resources.

Recertification keeps skills up-to-date in the IT industry, making individuals trustworthy in cloud security and solutions.

Types of Cloud Certifications

AWS Certification

AWS websiteAn AWS Certification is valuable in cloud computing. It validates expertise in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and IBM Cloud. Certifications like Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, and Cloud Security Specialist help professionals excel in the industry.

Obtaining certifications like CCSP, Google Professional Cloud, and Azure Administrator enhances market value and increases salary potential.

To prepare for AWS Certification exams, individuals can use exam guides, vouchers, and beta periods for new certifications. Exam prep courses provide a foundational understanding of cloud concepts.

Recertification changes in 2024 will require Cloud Practitioner credential renewal to maintain expertise and stay updated with industry trends. This aims to ensure certified professionals continue to automate processes, act as trusted advisors, and demonstrate cloud platform expertise.

Paths to AWS Certified

Individuals can start with foundational certifications like Cloud Practitioner. This paves the way for role-based certifications such as Solutions Architect or DevOps Engineer.

To prepare for AWS exams, individuals can use exam guides, technical resources, and exam prep courses to build their cloud expertise. Recertifying is important to stay competitive by staying current with the latest cloud concepts and solutions.

Changes in recertification requirements for AWS Certified professionals are expected by 2024. These changes will reflect the evolving cloud computing landscape. Continuous learning enhances skills and potentially increases salary opportunities in the cloud computing market.

Trusted advisor programmes, vendor-neutral certifications, and automated processes are strategic areas individuals can focus on to solidify their cloud professional standing.

2024 Recertification Changes

In 2024, changes are coming to recertification for cloud certifications. These changes will impact professionals who want to keep their credentials up to date. The process of recertification will be adjusted, affecting those with certifications in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and IBM Cloud. The focus is shifting towards role-based certifications and the growing need for cloud skills in the industry.

Professionals will be required to show expertise in specific technical and strategic areas like cloud concepts, infrastructure, security, and automation processes. The recertification process will now be more targeted to meet the changing market demands. New certification exams, exam guides, and prep resources will be introduced to help individuals prepare for recertification. These changes reflect the industry's focus on continuous learning and upskilling to remain competitive in the cloud platform market.

Exam Pricing for AWS Certifications

The pricing for AWS certification exams varies based on the specific certification. Generally, these exams follow industry standards for cloud certifications. Discounts may be available for certain groups, like students or military personnel, making it more affordable to pursue AWS certification.

If you need to retake an AWS certification exam, there is a pricing structure in place. Candidates usually have to pay the full examination fee again for each attempt. However, some programs may offer discounted rates for retakes to support continuous learning and skill improvement in cloud technology.

It's important for individuals preparing for AWS certification exams to consider these factors. This ensures they understand cloud concepts well and are proficient in technical and strategic areas to pass the exam and achieve their desired certification.

Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud websiteGoogle Cloud Certification validates expertise in cloud computing. It includes certifications like Cloud Practitioner and Cloud DevOps Engineer. These cover technical and strategic areas. Specialty exams focus on skills such as cloud security and data engineering. The certification helps individuals showcase their expertise. It can lead to competitive salaries and career advancement in cloud computing.

Google Cloud Certification ensures a foundational understanding of cloud concepts. It allows professionals to work effectively on Google Cloud Platform. Recertification options are available for maintaining certification status. This keeps professionals updated with industry standards.

Specialty Exams in Google Cloud Certification

Specialty exams in Google Cloud Certification cover different technical and strategic areas. They help individuals show expertise in specific cloud computing areas.

One key certification is the Data Engineer Certification. It focuses on designing and building data processing systems on Google Cloud Platform.

Professionals who earn this certification demonstrate skills in automating processes, analysing data, and optimizing data models. This is important for roles like Cloud DevOps Engineer or Cloud Solutions Architect, providing a solid understanding of cloud concepts related to data infrastructure and analytics.

Recertification ensures that cloud practitioners stay updated on the latest cloud computing developments. This helps increase their market value and earning potential.

Partnerships with trusted advisors such as Google Cloud offer access to exam guides, vouchers, and digital badges. These resources help professionals become well-rounded cloud experts.

Data Engineer Certification

A Data Engineer Certification is important in the field of data engineering. It shows that an individual is skilled in managing data infrastructure and automation processes.

Professionals who earn this certification prove their basic knowledge of cloud computing, infrastructure, and key areas for data processing.

This certification also creates opportunities for career growth by highlighting specialized skills that are highly sought after in the industry.

Becoming a certified Data Engineer can increase market value and raise salary potential due to the rising demand for cloud skills in today's digital world.

By preparing for certification exams and mastering cloud concepts, individuals can become trusted advisors in data engineering solutions.

Keeping up with the latest trends and advancements in cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud through recertification ensures continuous professional growth in the field.

Other Cloud Certifications

There are other cloud certifications apart from AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Some include CompTIA Cloud+ and IBM Cloud. These certifications cover various cloud computing topics like security, infrastructure, and solutions architecture.

Role-based certifications, such as Cloud DevOps Engineer and Azure Administrator, focus on specific areas within cloud computing. Getting certified can boost job opportunities, increase salary potential, and allow specialisation in areas like cloud security or data engineering.

Recertification processes ensure professionals stay updated with the latest cloud concepts, making them knowledgeable in the field. Exam preparation resources, including guides and vouchers, assist candidates in navigating certification exams and proving their cloud expertise.

CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA websiteCloud certifications, like CompTIA Cloud+, show how good someone is at cloud computing.

You can get certifications for different roles, from Cloud Practitioner to Cloud DevOps Engineer. Big cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure offer these certifications. They cover everything from infrastructure and security to solutions architecture.

It's important to keep recertifying. This helps professionals keep up with new cloud ideas.

You can study for certification exams using guides and resources from places like Global Knowledge.

Getting certified can mean more job opportunities, better pay, and being seen as a cloud expert. Certifications like Google Professional Cloud or Azure Administrator show you understand specific cloud platforms.

Recertifying as a cloud practitioner is a good way to keep up with new cloud skills and technologies.

Preparing for Cloud Certifications

Skills Needed for Certified Cloud Professionals

Individuals wanting to become a certified cloud professional should have specific skills. These include:

  • Understanding basic cloud computing concepts.
  • Knowing about infrastructure and solutions architecture.
  • Being familiar with cloud security and automation.
  • Understanding platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is important.

Having role-based certifications like Cloud Practitioner, Cloud DevOps Engineer, and Google Professional Cloud is essential.

Staying competitive in the industry requires expertise in technical and strategic areas. Therefore, keeping up to date with industry trends and resources like exam prep guides is crucial in a successful cloud computing career.

Taking the Exam

Tips for a Stress-Free Exam Experience

Students preparing for cloud certification exams should focus on thorough exam preparation. They can do this by familiarising themselves with key technical areas such as cloud computing and Azure to build a solid understanding.

Implementing strategies like creating a study schedule, using exam guides, and taking advantage of exam vouchers can help reduce anxiety. Techniques like deep breathing and positive affirmations can promote a calm mindset during exams.

Investing time in cloud security practices and automating processes can enhance cloud expertise. Approaching certifications like AWS Cloud or Google Cloud with a calm and focused mindset can increase success chances and potentially boost salary in roles like Cloud DevOps Engineer or Azure Administrator.

Regular recertification and acquiring specialty certifications will help expand skills and market value in the competitive cloud platform landscape.

Upcoming Exam Dates and Details

Upcoming exam dates for Cloud Certifications vary depending on the certification you are pursuing.

It is important to stay up to date on when these exams will take place in order to adequately prepare for them.

Understanding the details of the upcoming Cloud Certification exams is necessary for successful completion.

Whether you are aiming for vendor-neutral certifications like CompTIA Cloud+ or role-based certifications such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, knowing the exam dates and specifics is important.

Different certifications focus on various aspects of cloud computing, such as cloud security, infrastructure, and solutions architecture.

Having a foundational understanding of cloud concepts and expertise in strategic technical areas is important for passing these exams.

Recertification and staying updated on the latest trends in cloud technology, such as DevOps or Google Cloud Certified, are also beneficial for professionals looking to enhance their salary and market share in the industry.

Prepare with exam guides, automate processes, and become a trusted advisor in cloud platforms to excel in the digital age.

Recertification and Beyond

Importance of Recertification in Cloud Computing

Recertification in cloud computing offers several benefits to professionals.

Staying updated through recertification helps individuals maintain relevant skills in this rapidly evolving field.

It demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and staying current with the latest cloud technologies.

Enhancing individual competency also contributes to the overall quality and credibility of certified professionals.

It ensures professionals are well-versed in cloud concepts, security, infrastructure, and solutions.

Recertification validates expertise in strategic areas like cloud devops, data engineering, and cloud security.

This can enhance marketability and potentially lead to higher salaries.

Vendor-neutral certifications, like Comptia Cloud+ and solutions from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, help professionals demonstrate their foundational understanding and expertise in specific technical areas.

Beta Closed for AWS Certifications

The Beta period for AWS certifications is closing. This means that certification exams are becoming more established and refined.

The cloud computing industry is continuously evolving. Certifications from various cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Azure, and IBM Cloud are becoming more important.

To pursue AWS certification, individuals need a strong understanding of cloud concepts. They also need specialized expertise in areas like cloud security, infrastructure, and cloud devops.

It's now essential to recertify regularly to keep up with the latest advancements in cloud technology. This helps professionals maintain their earning potential as the demand for certified cloud professionals remains high.

Getting certifications from reputable sources like Gartner and Global Knowledge, and earning digital badges for cloud expertise, can validate a candidate's skills and create more opportunities in the industry.


Cloud certifications show that someone knows a lot about cloud computing. They prove that a person is good at using different cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Getting cloud certifications can make it easier for people to get better jobs and be noticed in a tough job market.

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What are the benefits of getting a cloud certification?

Cloud certifications demonstrate expertise in cloud technologies, making you more marketable to employers. They can lead to higher earning potential and career advancement opportunities. For example, AWS certifications can give you an edge in applying for cloud engineering roles.

Which are the most popular cloud certifications available?

The most popular cloud certifications available are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator
  • Google Cloud Certified: Professional Cloud Architect

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a cloud certification?

To obtain a cloud certification, one typically needs a strong understanding of cloud computing concepts, experience with cloud platforms like AWS or Azure, and completion of relevant training courses. Examples include AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator.

How much does it cost to obtain a cloud certification?

The cost of obtaining a cloud certification can vary depending on the provider and level of certification. For example, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification costs around £150- £300, while the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification costs around £100-£150.

Are there any recommended study materials for preparing for a cloud certification exam?

Yes, some recommended study materials for preparing for a cloud certification exam include official certification guides from providers like Amazon Web Services , Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, online courses and practice exams can be helpful for hands-on experience.

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