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How To Pass The Microsoft MS-600 exam

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To become a Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate, you must pass the MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with MS-365 Core Services exam. It measures a candidate's ability to perform technical tasks such as implementing Microsoft identity, building apps with Microsoft Graph, customizing SharePoint, and also MS Office.

Your position as a software developer puts you in a unique position to shape the future of hybrid work. As you begin this journey, it is critical that you have the appropriate set of skills, as well as familiarity with the Teams platform and Microsoft 365 services.

Who Should Take The Microsoft 365 Developer (Ms-600) Exam?

Developers are the intended audience for this exam. For those who have no programming experience, this exam is not for you because it includes code snippets. For SharePoint Developers who have worked with bespoke SPFx webparts and extensions, as well as custom Microsoft Teams apps, this test is designed for them.

MS-600 Exam Prep: What You Should Know

For the MS-600 exam, candidates must be familiar with Microsoft identity and Microsoft Graph in order to do well on this exam. Adaptive Cards and UI Fabric are among the UI elements they should be familiar with, as well as SharePoint framework, Actionable Messages, Office Add-ins, and Microsoft Teams.

They should also know how to determine workload platform targets. They must have worked with Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, or the SharePoint Framework at all stages of software development. REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Microsoft identities, Azure AD B2C and permission/consent concepts are also required.

What Is The Format Of The Microsoft 365 (Ms-600) exam?

  • The exam consists of two parts with a total of 52 questions:
  • Case study has three multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in the first section.
  • 49 separate questions constituted the second half of the test.
  • The second part of the exam consists mainly of multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which required you to pick only one correct answer from a list of possible ones.
  • Select the right function (from a drop-down list) in one or more places in the source code for some questions (in most cases, source code is provided in both .NET and JavaScript).
  • In a configuration (JSON) file, select the relevant configuration value (from a dropdown).
  • Graph API calls require specific arguments to be specified (from an HTTP message).

You can't go back to the first section once you've finished the first section and moved on to the second section.

For the exam, you are given 210 minutes.

How To Prepare For The Microsoft 365 Developer (MS-600) Exam

Learning Path 1 – Extend Microsoft 365- Fundamental

A four-module beginner's course, with no prerequisites, is the focus of this learning path. Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification can be achieved with the help of this learning path. You'll learn the following skills in this MS-600 course:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Outlook's Actionable Messages
  • Developing software for the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform
  • Integrating third-party software into SharePoint
  • Modifications to the Office client via add-ins

Learning Path 2 – Build Apps With Microsoft Graph – Associate

Seven modules make up this 7-hour, 40-minute learning path. For businesses and consumers alike, Microsoft's graph provides a unified programmability model that can be used to build apps that can communicate with millions of users. To enroll in this course, there are no prerequisites other than a desire to learn. You'll learn the following skills in this course:

  • Optimizing data consumption when using Microsoft.
  • Data-driven graph with query parameters
  • Network traffic optimization using Microsoft Graph.
  • Using Microsoft Graph to get user data
  • Group lifecycle management using Microsoft Graph.
  • Using Microsoft Graph to Access Files
  • Web applications built with Microsoft Graph.NET SDK ASP.NET MVC
  • Using Change Notifications and Microsoft Graph to keep track of changes

Learning Path 3 – Implement Microsoft Identity – Associate

This is a six-module intermediate-level course that takes about six hours to complete. The learner must have a solid understanding of OAuth authentication flows and terminology, access to a Microsoft 365 tenant, and experience using Visual Studio Code at a basic level to participate in this course.

Using Microsoft identity in our custom applications helps us learn more about how to do so. You'll learn about the following subjects in this course:

  • Use of Microsoft identity is required
  • Framework for Permissions and Consent
  • Using Microsoft Identity to protect custom APIs
  • Customizing apps and APIs to meet the needs of specific users, groups, and roles.

Instructor-led Training

Microsoft 365 Developer Associate certification exam candidates can benefit greatly from this MS-600 exam study guide. Using Microsoft Graph, students learn how to implement Microsoft identity. In addition, the students learn about UI elements, integration points, and platform targets. Using Microsoft Graph, you will learn how to access user data, explore query parameters, access files, and optimize network traffic for your applications. Learn more here:

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Practice Tests

The MS-600 Practice Exam Test from Microsoft is available to those taking Microsoft's certification exam in order to better prepare for the exam's objectives. The MS-600 Exam can benefit from a few practice tests, regardless of how you prepare for it.

The best way to prepare for the Microsoft MS-600 exam is to mix it up a bit, using the MS-600 sample questions and answers. Taking a look at your answers will show you where you need to focus your study efforts and how well you met the exam's objectives.


If you want to pass your certification exam, follow the recommended learning paths associated with it. Practicing what you've learned is an important part of learning, so don't skip it.

Take a practice test ahead of time to gauge your readiness and familiarize yourself with the test's format.

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