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These are unusual times and new challenges present themselves to all of us, due to the current Corona virus situation.

New Option
As part of our efforts to deliver an amazing training experience for you, even during these unusual times, we have accelerated the development of our virtual classroom.

This means – that we are now able to offer you the freedom to learn with Readynez Virtual live instructor led training, as an alternative to staying with us on-site.

What is the virtual training option like?
If you choose to attend your course in the virtual classroom, you will simply get a link to Microsoft Teams and join your course from where ever you are. It is simple and safe – and you will still be living, learning, growing and preparing for a better future for yourself and your company.

Its is still Readynez Training as you know it.

Mindblowing Expert training. No Concerns.

"This course was just perfect"
Morten Juul Pedersen, NetNordic

"Jens was absolutely fantastic with a lot of good energy and 100% focus in some very stressful corona times"
Alexander Simonsen, Jansson.

"Because Jens is fucking awesome! You guys max out the scale once again. Fantastic course!"
Ryan, Cibicom

Classroom or Virtual?
Regardless if you choose to join your course in the virtual classroom or on-site at our training centres, you will be in a controlled environment and in a great position to learn more than you can imagine during your Readynez course.

Already, you can book any of our courses and choose to attend it in a virtual classroom, we have just launched 824 courses as Virtual Classes.

So, it´s really up to your personal circumstances and government recommendations of course, which course format is right for you.

What is Readynez Virtual
The Virtual Classroom is an online forum, where you will join your instructor and fellow classmates in real time. Everything happens live and you can interact freely, discuss, ask questions, and watch your instructor present on a whiteboard, discuss the courseware and slides, work with labs, and review.

Which courses can I sit in the Virtual classroom?
You can attend any Readynez course in a Virtual Classroom. All our courses will be delivered at a training centre (when possible) and in a Virtual Classroom simultaneously. 

How does it work?
You simply pick your course:, book it and we’ll send you guides for every step of the way:

  1. You’ll get access to your prereading in your personal profile on the website
  2. We’ll send you links to the official courseware
  3. We send you a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting where you will join the training
  4. You click the link and you start learning.

Plus, we are always available on the phone for questions and support.

How many delegates will be booked on each Virtual Class?
At Readynez, the maximum number of delegates is 15, and that goes for the virtual classroom also. So, there will be maximum 15 delegates in total at the training centre including the Virtual Classroom. That allows for a very interactive experience where everyone can ask questions and get feedback.

What are the prices?
The prices for Readynez Virtual training courses are lower than the prices for our Classroom training. That is because some of the Readynez services are redundant if you train from home or your own office.

What you get with our Virtual training option is the core Readynez product:

  • The Service
  • The Prereading
  • The fully instructorled training by one of the most Expert Instructors in the world
  • The exam voucher
  • The certification guarantee

Se all prices and dates here:



17. Mar 2020

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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