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How Hard Is the Microsoft AZ-204 Exam? Real Answers

  • How hard is the AZ-204 exam?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 08, 2024

Are you thinking about taking the Microsoft AZ-204 exam? Curious about how hard it is? This article will give you a simple understanding of the challenges you may face and offer tips to help you prepare. Knowing the level of difficulty of this exam is important for planning your study strategy and improving your chances of success.

Let's explore the details and guide you towards exam success.

What Is the AZ-204 Exam?

To earn the credential of Microsoft Certified Azure Developer, you need to pass the exam AZ-204: Developing Software Solutions for Microsoft Azure. The certification validates your knowledge and skills in cloud development and operations.

Specifically, the exam will test your knowledge of Azure compute, storage, networking, security, monitoring, and DevOps concepts.

If you’re just getting started with using and building apps on the cloud, we recommend first doing the AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam first.

Analysis of the AZ-204 exam format

Back to this exam. It is 120 minutes in duration and has random 40-60 questions of various types. These include use-case scenarios, programming codes, true/false, and other questions related to development with Azure. Question scores are based on the questions’ importance and complexity. Once done, candidates receive a detailed score report to identify their strengths and weaknesses in each section.

The pass mark is 700 out of 1000 and it costs $165 to book the exam.

The exam deals with a range of topics all related to Azure development. The critical ones include the following:

  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
  • Develop for Azure storage (15-20%)
  • Implement Azure security (20-25%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)
  • Connect to and use Azure services and third-party services (15-20%)

Personal testimonies and tips of candidates who failed and succeeded

Candidates who didn't pass the AZ-204 exam often felt unprepared. They didn't have enough time to study or fully understand the exam content. Some also mentioned feeling anxious and pressured during the test.

On the other hand, candidates who passed the AZ-204 exam prepared diligently. They used online courses and practice tests to fully understand the exam material. They suggested focusing on gaining a deep understanding of Azure services and getting practical hands-on experience.

They also advised creating a structured study plan with set milestones to track progress and ensure comprehensive exam readiness for future test takers.

Some advised what to do on the day of the exam if taking it from home: Be sure to check in at least 30 minutes before the exam starts to get settled in. There are some technical requirements that you’ll need to follow. Be sure to have a valid ID readily available.

Beforehand, read the preparation guide and instructions for your test environment. It will detail what things aren’t allowed during the exam such as you may not speak during the exam, no headphones or extra screens are allowed, etc.

Do declutter your testing space before starting as this will put you into a good headspace.

Understanding the AZ-204 Course Outline

Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam need to understand developing solutions for Microsoft Azure. Specifically, this includes proficiency in areas like Azure computing, governance, and security. The exam evaluates knowledge in Azure development and administration, infrastructure as code, and deployment. To succeed, candidates should be well-versed in Azure SDKs, data connections, and storage. They should also be able to work with Azure functions, and APIs, and integrate messaging and eventing.

Candidates can expect to be tested on their understanding of Azure services, application integration, and event-driven development.

 While there are no specific prerequisites for taking the exam, candidates are encouraged to complete Microsoft's Azure developer certification training. This training will help candidates gain practical skills in Azure development, ensuring they are well-prepared for the exam.

Compute solutions coverage in the AZ-204

The AZ-204 exam covers different types of computing solutions. These include virtual machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, and Azure Logic Apps. Candidates need to understand these services in-depth and know how to configure, deploy, and troubleshoot them.

The exam also tests candidates on integrating Azure solutions. This means they are assessed on their ability to connect these compute solutions with other Azure services like Azure Storage, Azure App Service, and Azure Event Grid.

Successful candidates should have a good grasp of the entire Azure ecosystem. They should understand how compute solutions fit into it and how they can be used to develop and deploy applications.

Skills and Knowledge Required for the AZ-204 Exam

To prepare for the AZ-204 exam, candidates need a strong understanding of Azure development and its core services. Proficiency in programming languages like C#, Python, or Node.js is necessary. Candidates should also have the ability to develop, implement, monitor, and troubleshoot Azure solutions.

Having hands-on experience working with Azure is recommended as practical knowledge of the platform contributes to exam success. Candidates should also have a solid grasp of Azure SDKs, data connections, APIs, app authorization and authentication, as well as the basics of Azure Resource Manager templates.

Candidates should understand various Azure data storage options, integrating them with other services, and securing and optimizing Azure solutions. Familiarity with Azure DevOps and its components is advantageous.

Recommended training and hands-on experience

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam should have a good understanding of Azure development tools and technologies. They should also have experience in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications on Azure.

Practical experience in monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions is also helpful for success in the exam. The course outline for the AZ-204 exam covers various topics such as the implementation of Azure compute solutions, implementing authentication and secure data, and developing solutions that use Cosmos DB, Blob Storage, and Azure SQL Database.

Practical hands-on experience through labs, exercises, and real-world scenarios is important for gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the AZ-204 exam.

What to do if you want to take the AZ-204 exam

  • Decide how you want to take the exam. Do you want to take it online at home, proctored, or at a testing center?
  • Check your schedule, making sure you’ll have enough time to study and work through practice questions.
  • Book the exam via the Microsoft Learn Certification website
  • Ask your company or employer. If they’re a Microsoft partner, you might be able to get free training.
  • Once you have an exam date, set up a study timetable and devote time to it. This exam is not a walk in the park!

Exam scoring system and reporting

To pass the AZ-204 exam, you’ll need to achieve a minimum pass score of 700 out of 1000. The scoring system is based on a scaled score which considers the difficulty level of the questions. It’s important to divide your time carefully and spend more time on higher-scoring questions.

You can view your exam results on the exam website or portal. There, you'll see your individual scores and a detailed breakdown of the results. This breakdown includes a section-by-section analysis and comparisons to other exam candidates. Understanding the breakdown can give you valuable insights into areas for improvement should you need to retake the exam.


In today's competitive job market, earning industry-recognized certifications is crucial for professionals seeking to advance their careers in cloud computing. The AZ-204 exam has been specifically designed for developers who want to show their expertise in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud-based applications and services on the Microsoft Azure platform. The Microsoft AZ-204 exam is challenging for many people but those who have taken it say that with enough time given to preparing carefully, it is certainly doable.

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How difficult is the Microsoft AZ-204 exam compared to other Microsoft certification exams?

The AZ-204 exam is considered moderately difficult compared to other Microsoft certification exams. For example, it is more challenging than the AZ-900 but less difficult than exams like the AZ-500 or MS-100.

What are the key areas of focus for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

The key areas of focus for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam include developing Azure compute solutions, implementing Azure security, and integrating Azure storage. Additionally, developing Azure App Service and implementing Azure Functions are important areas of focus for the exam.

Are any specific prerequisites or experience required to pass the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

Candidates should have experience developing cloud solutions and using Azure services. Having proficiency in programming languages like C# and familiarity with Azure SDKs may also be beneficial.

What is the pass rate for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

The pass rate for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam is not publicly disclosed by Microsoft. However, by studying consistently using official study materials and taking practice exams, candidates can improve their chances of passing the exam.

Are there any recommended study materials or resources for preparing for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

Yes, there are recommended study materials for preparing for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam. The official Microsoft website offers free online training, practice tests, and exam guides. Additionally, third-party resources such as Pluralsight and Udemy offer courses specifically designed for the AZ-204 exam preparation.


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