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  • Published by: André Hammer on Mar 05, 2024
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Do you want to improve your project management skills? Getting certified in Agile Project Management is the way to do it. This certification is recognised worldwide and can open up new career opportunities for you. 

Whether you're experienced or just starting out, being certified in Agile Project Management can make you stand out in the job market.

Benefits of Agile Project Management Certification

Getting an Agile Project Management certification can really help you grow in your career. It improves your project management skills and shows you're an expert at managing agile projects. 

This certification also helps you handle changing project needs. When you finish the exam and training, you will understand the AgilePM framework well and you will have the tools to lead successful projects.

Plus, you get a digital badge, certificates, and a handbook, which boosts your credibility in the industry. The certification also includes re-registration exams to keep you up-to-date on agile methods.

Understanding Agile Project Management

Agile project management focuses on flexibility, teamwork, and always getting better. It encourages you to progress in small steps and plan in a way that can change.

Unlike traditional project management, Agile values getting feedback from your customers and involving them all through the project. This makes sure the final product meets what everyone expects.

Always getting better is a big part of Agile. Teams meet regularly to reflect on how things went, find ways to improve, and make changes immediately. 

Agile Project Management Certification Process

Steps to Obtain Agile Project Management Certification

You can get Agile Project Management certification by following these steps:

  • Start by attending a registered AgilePM training course to learn the skills needed for agile project management.
  • After finishing the foundation course, take the AgilePM certification exam to test what you've learned and become certified.
  • Once you pass the exam, you can access your certificate, badge, and handbook through the candidate portal.

  • To keep your certification current, you must re-register every few years by taking the re-registration exam. This helps you stay updated with the latest trends and methods in agile project management.

AgilePM Handbook and Study Materials

The AgilePM Handbook and Study Materials are great resources if you're aiming for Agile Project Management certification. They explain the framework, scrum events, and methods for managing projects in a business setting. 

The handbook also helps you train as a practitioner or project manager in agile projects. You can use these materials to understand agile project management better and get ready for your exams.

Study materials are crucial for guiding you through the certification process and giving you the knowledge and skills you need to become an AgilePM practitioner. 

To get certified, you can check the Agile Business Consortium's candidate portal for exam details and receive digital badges and certificates after completing the foundation course. 

Organisations like Atos offer courses led by certified trainers to make sure you get credible agile certifications for your future as a project manager.

Agile Training Provider Options

Think about the following factors when choosing an Agile training provider:

  • Consider the training options available, like Agile project management, scrum methodologies, or business agility courses.
  • Make sure to review the certification and exam process to make sure it matches your career goals.

  • Providers offer certified courses, digital badges, handbooks, and candidate portals.

  • This guidance is useful if you are a project manager who wants to improve their skills in Agile project management.

  • Choose a respected training organisation to get certifications in agile team and project management that are up-to-date and relevant.


Preparing for Agile Project Management Examinations

Study Tips for Agile Project Management Certification

If you're preparing for the Agile Project Management Certification exam, here are some strategies to follow:

  • Sign up for a foundation course that teaches agile project management methods.
  • Attend scrum events to learn about how agile teams work.

  • Use study materials such as handbooks and online resources to learn more about agile concepts.

  • Talk to experienced trainers for advice on how the exam is structured and what's required.

  • Take re-registration exams regularly to keep up with the newest agile standards.

Agile Project Management Course Options

If you want to improve your skills in managing agile projects, you can choose from foundation courses, practitioner training, and certifications. Training organizations also provide study materials for exams and access to exam registration and certification portals.

Think about your current project management skills, career goals, and the specific needs of agile projects you're involved in to choose the best course. Picking a course that matches your goals and ensures quality will help you advance in managing agile projects and become certified as an agile project manager.

After the certification process, you might need to take exams again. If you succeed, you'll earn digital badges and certificates.

Benefits of Agile Project Management Certification for Your Career

Digital Badge and Certificate in Agile Project Management

Getting a Digital Badge and Certificate in Agile Project Management can really grow your career. This certification shows you have a good understanding of Agile project management principles and methods, which are highly sought after in today's business world.

You will need to complete the AgilePM foundation course, and training, and pass the exam to become certified. This certification process teaches you the Agile project management framework and gives you practical experience in managing Agile projects.

Once certified, you can highlight your expertise to employers and clients to prove you are a capable project manager. This boosts your credibility and creates more career opportunities.

Advancement Opportunities with Agile Project Management Certification

You earn Agile Project Management Certification to move ahead in your career. To get certified, complete the AgilePM foundation course and pass the exam. This certification helps you master the agile project management framework.

You become a valuable asset for businesses handling agile projects once certified. A certification shows your commitment to mastering Agile project management practices, and that boosts your credibility as a project manager. 

The other skill you learn from your certification is to effectively lead and manage agile teams, developing important leadership and management skills.

The certification also includes a digital badge, handbook, and access to a candidate portal for support and resources. Having this certification demonstrates your dedication to improving agile project management for both current and potential employers.

Agile Project Management Training Providers

Choosing the Right Agile Project Management Trainer

When you're choosing an Agile Project Management Trainer, consider these factors:

  • Look at their experience and qualifications in the field.
  • Check if they're experts in agile project management methods.

  • See if they have practical experience leading agile projects or scrum events.

  • Make sure they have AgilePM or Scrum certification to prove their knowledge.

  • Check if they're certified by organisations like Agile Business Consortium or Project Management™ Certification.

  • Ensure they have a current certificate and take re-registration exams to stay qualified.

  • Choose trainers from reputable organizations like Atos for high-quality training.
  • Look for digital badges and certificates as evidence of their skills.

  • Refer to the Agile Business Consortium handbook for best practices in agile project management training.

Online Options such as Coursera for Agile Project Management Training

Platforms like Coursera offer convenient training in Agile Project Management. These courses help you grasp Agile principles and methods, which can enhance your project management skills.

When you enroll in AgilePM training on Coursera, you can prepare for certification exams and learn about Agile methodologies. This involves finishing a foundation course, joining scrum events, and passing exams to become a certified Agile Project Management practitioner.

Coursera and similar online training providers provide resources such as handbooks, digital badges, and certificates to those who pass. This certification is well-respected in the business world, giving project managers assurance when handling agile projects.

Leadership and Management Skills Development with Agile Project Management Certification

Getting an Agile Project Management Certification is great for developing your leadership and management skills. When you take AgilePM training courses, you willl learn strategies and techniques to lead and manage projects well.

The certification covers managing Agile projects, scrum events, and how to work with scrum teams. Becoming a certified Agile project manager gives you a solid understanding of the Agile framework.

This certification also gives you access to resources such as the candidate portal, digital badges, and handbooks for continuous professional growth.

Maintaining Your Agile Project Management Certification

As an Agile Project Management practitioner, you need to meet re-registration exam requirements to maintain your certification. Continuing your professional development, such as taking AgilePM courses, helps you stay updated with industry trends.

The Agile Business Consortium provides resources like exam guides, training materials, and support for project managers. Participating in training sessions helps Agile project managers enhance their skills and knowledge in managing Agile Projects.

Committing to this growth benefits you personally and improves your success in handling agile projects.


Get your Agile Project Management certification to enhance your project management skills and improve your career prospects. Agile certification demonstrates your proficiency in Agile methods, which can enhance project outcomes and team productivity. 

Enroll in a certification program today to stay competitive in the constantly evolving project management industry.

Readynez offers a portfolio of Agile Project Management courses, including the 3-day APMG Agile Project Manager and the 3-day PMI Agile Certified Practitioner courses and certification programs, providing you with all the learning and support you need to successfully prepare for the exams and certifications.

Please reach out to us with any questions or if you would like a chat about your opportunity with the Agile Project Management certifications and how you best achieve them.


What are the benefits of getting an Agile Project Management certification?

Obtaining an Agile Project Management certification can improve your career opportunities, boost project outcomes, and increase your earning potential. For instance, it can help you secure roles as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, improve team collaboration, and show expertise in Agile methodologies.

How can I obtain an Agile Project Management certification?

To get an Agile Project Management certification, you can complete training courses such as Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or PRINCE2 Agile. You can also take certification exams offered by organisations like Scrum Alliance or Project Management Institute (PMI).

Is it necessary to have prior project management experience to get certified?

No, you don't need prior project management experience to get certified. For instance, entry-level certifications like CAPM don't require prior experience, but higher-level certifications like PMP may require some experience.

Are there any prerequisites for taking the Agile Project Management certification exam?

No, you don't need any prerequisites to take the Agile Project Management certification exam.

How long does it typically take to prepare for the Agile Project Management certification exam?

It usually takes 1-3 months to prepare for the Agile Project Management certification exam. This involves you studying the Agile framework, practicing with tests, and reviewing study materials. The time you need may vary based on how much you already know and how you study.


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