How To Pass The Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer (AI-102)

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Candidates for Exam AI-102 (Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution) are responsible for developing, managing, and deploying artificial intelligence solutions that use Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Cognitive Services, and the Microsoft Bot Framework among other technologies.

What Are The Prerequisites For The AI-102 Exam?

Candidates for the AI-102 certification exam should have the following qualifications:

  • Proficiency in one of the programming languages Python, C#, or JavaScript.
  • On Azure, developers will have the ability to use SDKs and REST-based APIs to create natural language processing, computer vision, and conversational AI solutions.
  • Understanding of the components that make up the Azure AI portfolio, as well as the data storage options that are available, is required, as is knowledge.
  • Understanding of how to apply ethical artificial intelligence principles.

Salary And Career Path For An Azure AI Engineer

Azure AI engineers have the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of technical teams across an organization, which can be challenging. Here are some examples of their job duties and responsibilities, as well as their compensation:

Azure AI Engineers collaborate with solution architects to translate their vision into reality and with data scientists, data engineers, IoT specialists, and AI developers to build complete end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for an artificial intelligence engineer in the United States will be $164,749 in 2021. It is possible to earn between $142,500 and $216,500 per year, depending on various factors such as skill set, educational background, geographic location, and work experience.

Benefits of The AI-102 certification

Through the certification program, candidates will gain knowledge of how to plan, build, and manage knowledge mining, computer vision, conversational AI, and natural language processing solutions on the Azure cloud.

Candidates will collaborate with solution architects, data scientists, Internet of Things specialists, artificial intelligence developers, and data engineers to translate their vision into developing end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions.

The AI-102 certification will enable candidates to demonstrate to potential employers their proficiency in developing artificial intelligence solutions on the Azure cloud computing platform. This course will assist you in obtaining high-paying jobs that are currently available for Microsoft certified Azure AI Engineer Associates after completion of the course.

Exam Structure Of The AI-102

Now, let's talk about how the exam content for this important certification is organized.

Taking the Azure Developer Associate Exam will give you a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know about monitoring and optimizing Microsoft Azure solutions, implementing Azure security, and developing solutions on top of Microsoft Azure. To be completely honest, you should be aware of and understand a couple of things before sitting for the Azure Developer Associate Exam.

Microsoft expects you to have a minimum of two years of experience developing solutions on Azure, as well as experience consuming the majority of the services Azure has to offer in order to pass the Azure Developer exam. Idealistically, you should have hands-on experience in at least one or two of the four skill areas that are covered by this certification exam:

  • Create Azure computer-based solutions (25-30 percent)
  • Create applications for Azure storage (10-15 percent )
  • Azure security should be implemented (15-20 percent )
  • Azure solutions should be monitored, troubleshot, and optimized (10-15 percent)
  • Make connections to and use Azure services as well as third-party services (25-30 percent)

How To Prepare For The AI-102 Exam

Use the following guides to prepare for the AI-102 Exam

Instructor-Based Training

The Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution training program, which Microsoft provides, can be found on the company's official website. To prepare for an exam such as AI-102, you will need to take advantage of the instructor-led training available.

It´s a 4 days virtual course, and you can learn more about it here:

Participate in A Study Group

The candidate must acquire and share knowledge to achieve the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification. As a result, we recommend that you participate in some studies to discuss the concepts with others who are working toward the same goal. This will serve as a guide for the candidate throughout their preparation.

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

The most important step is to put your skills to the test in a practice setting. The Microsoft AI-102 Practice tests are the ones that provide the candidate with the assurance that they are well prepared for the Exam.

There are many practice tests available on the internet these days, and the candidate can select the one that best suits their needs. Preparing for Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution with the help of the practice test is highly beneficial. So get to work on your preparations right away!

If you pass Exam AI-102, you will be a Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate, and we hope that this preparation guide will assist you in your career. Keep up with the latest developments and continue to practice!


Large and small businesses alike are embracing cloud computing and migrating their data and resources to the cloud as a result. Developing artificial intelligence skills that are relevant to cloud computing is proving to be beneficial. In this context, the Microsoft Azure Certification AI-102, which focuses on artificial intelligence skills, will undoubtedly benefit professionals interested in pursuing a career in the Cloud space.

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