Is the Microsoft DP 100 Exam Hard? Find Out Here!

  • Is the DP 100 exam difficult?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 25, 2024

Are you thinking about taking the Microsoft DP 100 exam? Wondering how hard it is? In this article, we'll look at the exam's difficulty level to help you decide if it's right for you.

Let's explore and see if this exam is as tough as people say.

Overview of Microsoft DP-100 Exam

What is the DP-100 Exam?

The DP-100 exam is an intermediate step for machine learning certifications. It focuses on machine learning workloads and solutions, requiring a higher level of expertise in data science and data engineering compared to beginner-level exams like DP-900.

The exam includes multiple-choice questions on statistics, machine learning models, data processing, and the use of pandas and scikit-learn libraries. Preparation can involve tutorials on Microsoft Learn, Udemy courses, or the AWS community builder program.

Exam costs vary by country and language due to its international nature. DP-100 certification can create opportunities in data careers, demonstrating proficiency in cloud-based machine learning solutions.

Even though it may be challenging, aspiring data professionals can navigate the DP-100 exam successfully with some experience and study tips.

Importance of DP-100 Certification

Obtaining DP-100 Certification in data science and machine learning can give a big advantage in the competitive job market. This certification shows expertise in machine learning solutions on Azure, proving a deep understanding of machine learning workloads and data engineering.

By passing the DP-100 exam, individuals demonstrate their expertise in cloud-based machine learning, making them stand out among other data scientists. This certification is a step forward for those aiming to progress in their data careers, showing a strong foundation in statistics, data processing, and building machine learning models.

The DP-100 exam covers modules on pandas and scikit-learn libraries, providing practical skills needed for the industry. Being DP-100 certified opens opportunities with international companies, as the certification is globally recognised and available in various languages.

Is the DP-100 Exam Difficult?

Exam Structure

The DP-100 exam has different types of questions. They cover machine learning, data science, models, data processing, statistics, Azure cloud resources, and implementing machine learning solutions.

Each part of the exam has different marks. There is a focus on machine learning work and data engineering. To do well, experts suggest having hands-on experience with machine learning models, knowing pandas and scikit-learn, and understanding statistics.

It's helpful to follow technical tutorials on the Microsoft Learn website. Avoiding exam dumps and only online courses can increase success chances. The DP-100 exam is at an intermediate level. People with about a year of experience in machine learning roles - like ML-engineers or data scientists - are encouraged to take this certification. It can help advance their careers in data within stable international companies.

Key Areas to Focus on

Candidates preparing for the DP-100 exam should focus on specific areas:

  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Cloud

These areas are fundamental to the exam. Understanding machine learning workloads and solutions is crucial. Resources such as:

  • Technical tutorials
  • Microsoft Learn website
  • Certifications

Can help enhance expertise. Tips on statistics, data engineering, and machine learning models are valuable for a strong foundation. Practical experience with tools like:

  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn libraries

Is essential. The DP-100 exam is intermediate level, requiring one year of experience. The exam price varies by country, with multilingual questions for international candidates. Using authentic resources like Udemy courses and Microsoft Store instead of exam dumps is recommended for a thorough preparation.

Preparation Tips

Preparation tips for the DP-100 exam:

  • Engage with the Microsoft Learn website for technical tutorials.
  • Hone skills in data engineering.
  • Understand machine learning solutions.

Exploring beginner-level exams like DP-900 is recommended. Practice with machine learning models using Pandas and Scikit-learn libraries. Avoid relying on exam dumps.

Gaining one year of experience in machine learning workloads and statistical analysis is crucial for success in the DP-100 certification. Individuals should have subject matter expertise in cloud data processing. Be familiar with multiple-choice questions. Invest time in studying the modules on Azure.

Joining the AWS community builder or taking Udemy courses can help in becoming a DP-100 certified expert. A stable background in a data career is beneficial. Fluency in English and other languages can create opportunities with international companies looking for data scientists with machine learning expertise.

Understanding exam price variation based on the country and available certifications is important when preparing for the DP-100 exam.

Comparison with Other Exams

Difference Between DP-100 and DP-900

The DP-100 exam is about machine learning in Azure. It tests data science skills.

The DP-900 exam is for beginners in data careers. It covers cloud data services and basic machine learning concepts.

In the DP-100 exam, topics include statistics, data engineering, and machine learning models.

The DP-900 exam focuses more on general data processing and cloud services.

DP-100 needs a year of experience in machine learning, making it tougher than DP-900, which is for beginners.

Both exams have multiple-choice questions and are available in various languages.

DP-100 is more expensive and targets data scientists wanting to strengthen their machine learning expertise.

DP-100 vs. AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam

AWS websiteThe DP-100 exam and AWS Machine Learning Specialty Exam have different approaches to assessing machine learning expertise.

  • DP-100 focuses on Azure-based solutions, while AWS delves into cloud machine learning workloads.
  • DP-100 requires understanding of data science principles, like statistics and data engineering.
  • AWS exam questions are about implementing machine learning models with pandas and scikit-learn libraries.
  • DP-100 is seen as intermediate for those with a year's experience, while AWS targets ML-engineers with expertise.
  • DP-100 exam price varies by country and languages, making it accessible internationally.
  • AWS exam is stable and provided by a leading cloud services provider.

Both certifications benefit data scientists aiming to advance their careers.


  • Utilise Microsoft Learn for DP-100 technical tutorials.
  • Join the AWS community builder program for AWS ML Specialty Exam prep.
  • Avoid relying on exam dumps or Udemy courses for a comprehensive understanding.

Success Stories

Real Experiences of Data Scientists

Real experiences of data scientists reveal various challenges faced in the field. When considering the difficulty level of the DP-100 exam, it is crucial to understand that data science involves a combination of machine learning, cloud computing, and data engineering. Data scientists often encounter complex machine learning workloads that require subject matter expertise in statistics and data processing.

To excel in such tasks, many experts recommend mastering machine learning solutions using Python's pandas and scikit-learn libraries. Strategies used to overcome obstacles include taking technical tutorials on platforms like the Microsoft Learn website and joining the AWS community builder and Azure expert programs. Aspiring data professionals are advised to start with beginner-level certifications like DP-900 before advancing to intermediate steps like DP-100.

Additionally, data scientists emphasize the importance of practical experience in the field, suggesting at least one year of hands-on data career experience before attempting the DP-100 exam. By focusing on real-world projects, international companies, and stable machine learning models, individuals can navigate the diverse landscape of data science effectively.

Kumar Shanu: A Microsoft Certified AI/ML Engineer

Kumar Shanu wanted to become a Microsoft Certified AI/ML Engineer because he loves machine learning and data science.

During the DP-100 exam, he faced challenges in statistics, data processing, and machine learning.

He used resources like technical tutorials, Azure modules, and cloud data processing to overcome these challenges.

The exam includes multiple-choice questions on machine learning models, pandas, and scikit-learn libraries.

After passing the exam, Kumar found job opportunities at an international company to work on machine learning solutions.

This certification helped him establish his expertise and paved the way for more advanced certifications.

With one year of experience, he found the exam manageable and the price reasonable.

Kumar, now an expert in the field and an AWS community builder, enjoys a successful data career with insights into the world of machine learning.

Journey of a Pythonista to Azure Data Scientist

Transitioning from being a Pythonista to becoming an Azure Data Scientist comes with challenges. The DP-100 exam is a significant hurdle, covering machine learning, data science, and cloud concepts. The exam's price, time constraints, and difficulty level can be intimidating for aspiring data scientists. However, with the right tips and preparation, conquering this exam is possible. Python, with expertise in machine learning and data processing, is essential in this transition.

Proficiency in handling machine learning models and using libraries like pandas and scikit-learn is crucial for success in Azure Data Science. Taking beginner-level exams like DP-900 before DP-100 can help solidify skills. The journey to becoming an Azure Data Scientist can be stable and rewarding, particularly for those with field experience and a genuine passion for data engineering.

Key takeaways

The Microsoft DP 100 exam is known to be challenging. It includes technical content and practical applications.

With thorough preparation and hands-on experience, candidates can improve their chances of success.

Understanding the exam objectives and practising with relevant study materials are crucial steps in passing the DP 100 exam.

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Is the Microsoft DP 100 Exam difficult?

Yes, the Microsoft DP-100 exam can be challenging due to its focus on practical data science skills and knowledge. It covers topics like data preparation, training models, and deployment. Preparing with hands-on practice, studying official documentation, and taking practice exams can help increase your chances of success.

What is the pass rate for the Microsoft DP 100 Exam?

The pass rate for the Microsoft DP-100 Exam is approximately 80%. For example, out of 100 candidates who take the exam, around 80 of them pass successfully.

How should I prepare for the Microsoft DP 100 Exam?

To prepare for the Microsoft DP 100 Exam, focus on practising hands-on experience with Azure Machine Learning, understanding data preprocessing techniques, and studying the exam topics thoroughly. Additionally, utilise practice exams and review sample questions to familiarise yourself with the exam format.

Are there any resources available to help me study for the Microsoft DP 100 Exam?

Yes, there are several resources available to help you study for the Microsoft DP-100 exam. Examples include online courses on platforms like Coursera or Udemy, official Microsoft training materials, practice tests, and study guides.

What are some tips for successfully passing the Microsoft DP 100 Exam?

Some tips for successfully passing the Microsoft DP 100 Exam include:

  1. Study the exam objectives thoroughly. For example, practise implementing machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning Studio.
  2. Take practice exams to assess your knowledge and identify areas that need more focus.
  3. Familiarise yourself with common question formats and time management strategies.
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