How To Pass The ISACA CISA Certification

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ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) offers this credential to IT and IS auditors who are entrusted with reviewing an organization's information systems to discover problems and possible security threats. There aren't many certificates in the specialized field of IT auditing like this one. The ISACA recommends the certification for compliance analysts, program managers, risk analysts, data protection managers, security officers, and IT consultants.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification criteria

Applicants must have five years of professional experience auditing, regulating, or securing information systems (IS) within the previous ten years to be eligible to sit for the CISA exam. If you have the following, you may be eligible for a waiver of up to three years of work experience:

  • No more than a year of non-IS auditing experience is required.
  • Having one to two years of work experience can substitute for a two-year or four-year degree.
  • Any university-accredited master's degree in IT or IS is equivalent to one year of work experience.

Training for the CISA certification

The ISACA offers the CISA exam in a variety of ways. An ISACA membership subscription includes a 12-month subscription to various training options, such as online or on-demand review courses, review manuals, print or downloaded review questions, and access to an answer and explanation database.

ISACA training partners also provide a four-day instructor-led course in a classroom close to you or a virtual classroom. Or, if you need to train a whole team of people, training can even be brought to you. Learn more at:

CISA exam and maintenance fees

ISACA members pay less for exams, and a $50 application fee is required in order to sit for the exam. Members of ISACA pay $575 to sit for the exam, while non-members pay $760.

At a minimum, you'll need to earn 20 hours of continuing education each year and 120 hours every three years to keep your CISA certification valid. The annual maintenance charge for ISACA members is $45 and for non-members is $85 each year. It's possible that if you're chosen, you'll have to submit to an annual CPE audit as well as the ISACA's code of professional ethics and IT auditing standards.

How To Prepare For The CISA Exam

Make use of the following guides to prepare for the CISA exam

Make Use Of The Official Course Book

If you want to pass the ISACA information security exams, you'll need to study from the ISACA-approved coursebooks. In addition to the official book, you can use numerous more resources to help you study for the CISA exam.

To pass the CISA exam on your first attempt, you will need to study and prepare with the help of the CISA Review Manual and the CISA prerequisites. Passing the CISA exam is not a simple undertaking, and you'll need to do your best from the appropriate course books to succeed. Another option is the instructor-led training course which will get you exam ready in 4 days

Take Practice Tests And Exams To Prepare

To prepare for the CISA exam, you'll need to take several practice tests and exams. The official ISACA sites have a plethora of testing, and there are countless others to be discovered online. To prepare for the CISA exam, you'll need to take the 50 self-assessment questions supplied on the self-assessment question sheet.

A dictionary of terms used in this course can also be found on the ISACA website, which offers full meanings for each term. Most of the material in the CISA course will be easier to comprehend and retain if you use this glossary. When you take the practice tests, you'll get a sense of what the real deal will be like.

You can also gain a better understanding of the less well-developed concepts. With a score of at least 90% on your practice exams, you can be sure you'll do well on the real deal.

Read The ISACA Exam Candidate Information Guide

A new edition of the Candidate Information Guide for the CISA exam is published by ISACA each year for those taking exams. This manual is available for free download on the website. Candidates for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification will find this information invaluable. You should not attempt to sit for the exam without first reading this information. The CISA exam requirements and details are revised to reflect the most current information every year. You'll learn about exam registration, deadlines, and other crucial dates, as well as some of the most significant aspects of exam administration on exam day. The exam domains, amount of questions, and lengths and languages available for CISA exam candidates in various areas are just some of the other useful information you can obtain.

Make a Plan for Studying

You will be tested on your knowledge in five distinct areas when taking the CISA exam. As a result, these domains will encompass a wide range of subjects and topics. If you want to pass the CISA exam the first time, you'll need to be able to go over all of the topics at least twice. Having enough time will allow you to grasp all of the concepts in each area. It's important to have a study schedule in place to cover each topic in a reasonable amount of time and yet have time for practice tests and self-assessment. To make better use of your time, you should be aware of how much information you can process in a single sitting and your daily rate of study. You can then use the following elements to create a study schedule for yourself.

Join CISA Community

Candidates can get the latest exam and exam announcements from the CISA forums. Online applicants can connect as well as with industry experts and certification holders through these forums. Nonetheless, it is imperative that you verify the credibility of any source before using it. First, if you want a formal definition of any subject, then you must consult CISA books, guidelines, and official publications. In these communities, you can also uncover CISA success stories, which can help you improve your confidence in passing the exam after the proper amount of study.


These are a few of the CISA exam tips that must be followed to pass the exam. These pointers can assist you in passing the exam on your first try. You'll be seen as a leader in the field of information security if you have a CISA certification. With a CISA certification, you'll not only be able to land this job, but you'll also learn valuable skills that will serve you well in the future.

To pass this exam, you'll need to devote all of your attention to the preparatory steps. You must adhere to your study plans diligently and have a comprehensive guide to know where you stand at whatever point in the preparation cycle you are in.

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