Prerequisites for the Microsoft AZ-204 Exam Explained

  • What are the prerequisites for AZ 204 exam?
  • Published by: André Hammer on Feb 08, 2024

Thinking about taking the Microsoft AZ-204 exam? Before you schedule the exam and start preparing, you should know the prerequisites for this certification.

In this article, we'll look at the required skills, knowledge, and experience needed to sit the AZ-204 exam successfully. Whether you're an aspiring Azure developer or want to improve your cloud computing skills, understanding the exam prerequisites is essential for your success. Let's find out what it takes to do well in the AZ-204 exam.

What Is AZ-204 and Why Do It?

Before we look into the prerequisites, let’s briefly talk about what this exam is and why you should take it. The AZ-204 is a Developer Associate exam. The trend for enterprises to shift their operations to the cloud increases daily. Cloud service providers constantly upgrade their services with new tech developments. Thus, management looks for developers with cloud computing certs like AZ-204.

Certification in Azure development is geared towards those whose job description includes all phases of cloud development such as maintenance, performance tuning, monitoring, and deployment.

What are the Prerequisites for the AZ-204 Exam?

Educational Background

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam should have a strong foundation in Azure development. This includes proficiency in programming languages such as C#, Node.js, or Python. It's recommended but not mandatory to have one to two years of professional experience in developing scalable solutions through Azure.

A bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field would be beneficial for candidates. They can also broaden their understanding of Azure by completing relevant online courses, attending workshops or seminars, and actively participating in hands-on projects or internships.

Building a solid educational background in Azure development will help candidates prepare for the exam and enhance their overall career prospects in the field of cloud computing.

Professional Experience

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam should have a strong understanding of developing. Having hands-on experience in designing and building cloud solutions using Azure services is essential for success. The specific skills required for the Azure Developer Certification include proficiency in designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud solutions, such as applications and services.

Practical experience is crucial for preparing for the exam, as it provides candidates with a deeper understanding of the concepts and technologies used in Azure development. Practical examples of working with Azure services, implementing Azure security, monitoring, and optimizing solutions, as well as integrating them with third-party services are all vital for success in the AZ-204 exam. You need to understand how theoretical concepts can be used to solve business problems.

Expertise Required for the AZ-204 Exam

Azure Compute Solutions

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam should have a solid understanding of Azure development and its core services. This includes proficiency in areas such as developing compute solutions, implementing Azure security, and monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing Azure solutions.

Additionally, familiarity with Azure Storage, Azure Functions, and Azure App Service is crucial for success in the exam. Cloud developers should also be skilled in developing solutions using various Azure services, such as Azure Functions, Azure App Service, and Azure Logic Apps.

The exam will also test candidates on their ability to develop and design asynchronous solutions, including the use of queues and service bus. Lastly, a strong grasp of Azure SDKs, data connections, security, CORS, and scaling of solutions will be tested.

Azure Storage Solutions

To pass the AZ-204 exam, it's important to be proficient in Azure Storage Solutions. This includes understanding how to create and manage different types of storage like Blob storage, Table storage, Queue storage, and File storage.

Additionally, candidates should be skilled in implementing data replication, managing access, and securing data in Azure Storage. Practical experience in developing solutions on Azure Storage is necessary for success.

Using SDKs, Azure PowerShell, Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI), and programming languages such as C# and Python to utilize Azure Storage is also important.

A deep understanding of the features and capabilities of Azure Storage, including scalability, availability, and durability, is crucial for the AZ-204 exam.

Security in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure keeps data safe in multiple ways:

  • Uses encryption and key management to secure data
  • Manages identity and access to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Detects and responds to potential threats
  • Safeguards against cyber threats by monitoring security, obtaining certifications, and sharing best practices.

These measures together create a safe space for storing and processing data, ensuring top-level security.

Specific Skills for Azure Developer Certification

Developing Azure Compute Solutions

Before taking the AZ-204 exam, candidates should have:

  • At least one year of professional development experience
  • Basic understanding of Azure services and how they interact with programming languages

Specific skills needed for the Azure Developer Certification:

  • Proficiency in developing Azure Compute Solutions, including creating and managing virtual machines, implementing cloud infrastructure solutions, and integrating them with Azure services
  • Adeptness in developing Azure Storage Solutions, with a focus on building applications for storing and retrieving data in Azure storage

Practical experience is important:

  • Provides hands-on exposure to developing solutions on Azure, troubleshooting performance and reliability issues, and optimizing cloud applications.
  • Reinforces theoretical knowledge and hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for the AZ-204 exam.

Developing for Azure Storage

To develop for Azure Storage, individuals need specific skills. These include a strong understanding of Azure Storage services, the ability to implement Azure Security, familiarity with Azure SDKs and APIs, and the capability to optimize Azure Storage.

For the AZ-204 exam, candidates need to have a strong grasp of Azure Storage capabilities and best practices, integration of Azure Storage services into an application, and secure data solutions using Azure Storage.

Practical experience in developing solutions on Azure Storage directly benefits exam preparation and certification achievement. This hands-on experience allows candidates to gain a deeper understanding of Azure Storage and its features, as well as reinforces their capabilities in implementing and optimizing Azure Storage solutions.

What are the Prerequisites for the AZ-204 Exam?

Knowledge of Cloud Services

To do well in the AZ-204 exam, you need to understand cloud services. It's a big part of the Azure Developer certification. You should know about virtual machines, storage, and networking. This knowledge helps with exam prep and teaches you how to make and manage cloud-based apps with Azure. Also, being good at cloud services lets developers use cloud computing's scalability, flexibility, and cost savings to improve app performance.

So, knowing cloud services is important for doing well in the AZ-204 exam and getting the Azure Developer certification.

Understanding of Software Development

Understanding software development is important for the AZ-204 exam. Candidates need to know programming languages like C#, JavaScript, and Python. This is essential for designing and implementing solutions on the Azure platform. Candidates also need to understand Azure SDKs, data storage options, and application security. Practical experience in software development, especially in cloud solutions, is important for the exam.

Experience with distributed source control, code reviews, and agile methodologies is helpful. Knowledge of REST-based services, serverless platforms, and API management services is also relevant for the exam.

Familiarity with Azure Services and Workloads

Candidates preparing for the AZ-204 exam need specific skills in Azure Compute Solutions, Azure Storage Solutions, and Security in Microsoft Azure. Practical experience and familiarity with Azure Services and Workloads are important for success.

Engaging in hands-on practice, reviewing the course outline, and using Microsoft Learning Paths are recommended strategies for exam preparation. These can help candidates gain a deeper understanding of Azure services and workloads, crucial for demonstrating the ability to design and build solutions on Microsoft Azure.

Importance of Practical Experience

Experience with Troubleshooting and Optimising

Prior experience with troubleshooting and optimizing Azure solutions is required for the AZ-204 exam. Candidates need to show that they can identify and resolve issues in Azure services, and improve performance and cost efficiency. This might involve fixing network connectivity problems, improving storage solutions, or addressing performance issues in virtual machines.

For instance, candidates should know how to use Azure Monitor to identify and troubleshoot performance issues, and how to use Azure Advisor to optimize resource usage and lower costs. They should also be able to optimize Azure SQL databases for better performance and cost-effectiveness.

Exam Preparation Strategies

Review the Course Outline

Study guides will help you understand what to expect in the exam. They usually include a summary of the topics the exam may cover and links to extra resources. Using such information will help you be more focused in your exam preparation.

Remember to check Microsoft for any exam updates as they change to reflect the current skills required to perform a role.

Engage in Hands-On Practice

Preparing for the AZ-204 exam requires hands-on practice. Practical experience helps candidates develop skills and gain a deeper understanding of Azure Developer Associate concepts.

Engaging in hands-on practice involves creating and managing Azure resources, implementing data storage solutions, and debugging and optimizing Azure solutions. Online labs, sandbox environments, and demo projects are useful for this practice.

The specific skills needed for the AZ-204 exam include developing and managing Azure compute solutions, implementing web applications and APIs, and securing cloud solutions. Hands-on practice allows candidates to effectively demonstrate their expertise in these areas and enhance their readiness for the exam.

Utilise Microsoft Learning Paths

To gain the necessary skills, you can use Microsoft Learning Paths, which have training modules and exams that match the certification requirements. Doing hands-on labs, live and on-demand courses, and workshops can also help. Studying official Microsoft exam materials, using practice tests, and joining study groups can further support you in passing the AZ-204 exam successfully.

Benefits of Achieving the Azure Developer Associate Certification

Career Advancement

Getting an official Microsoft certification will verify your skills on the platform to potential employers. Having the AZ-204 on your resume will open many new opportunities professionally and in terms of salary. As a Microsoft-certified professional, you’ll have a globally recognized certification with which you can apply for jobs in any country.

The Azure platform is used by businesses of all sizes so there is a continual demand for AZ-204 certified professionals. You’ll be able to earn up to 20% more than non-certified peers. To be specific, you’ll be looking at a median salary of $85 000/year, whereas non-certified professionals are earning around $70 000/year. As you can see, the AZ-204 certification exam is the ideal launchpad for your career.

Recognition of Skills

To be well-prepared for the AZ-204 exam, candidates should have a strong educational background in computer science or a related field. They should also have a minimum of one to two years of professional experience developing software using Azure.

Specific skills and expertise required include the ability to design, build, test, and maintain cloud applications and services on Azure through expertise in at least one of Azure-supported languages.

Practical experience is highly recommended in preparing for the exam as it ensures candidates have hands-on experience in developing and maintaining Azure solutions. It also helps them understand real-world scenarios and problem-solving, which are essential for success in the certification.

Key Takeaways

We hope this article serves to encourage you to begin your journey towards becoming a Microsoft [AZ-204] Azure Developer Associate and earning a lot more.

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What are the prerequisites for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam?

The prerequisites for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam include having a strong understanding of Azure development and experience with using Azure SDKs, Azure CLI, PowerShell, and other development tools. Additionally, practical experience in developing and deploying cloud solutions on Azure is necessary for success in this exam.

Do I need to have any specific certifications before taking the AZ-204 exam?

No, specific certifications are not required before taking the AZ-204 exam. However, having a solid understanding of Azure development and hands-on experience with the platform is recommended.

What knowledge or experience is required before attempting the AZ-204 exam?

Before attempting the AZ-204 exam, candidates should have knowledge of Azure development, including working with Azure services like App Service, Functions, and Storage. Experience with programming in languages like C# or JavaScript, as well as understanding of Azure DevOps and CI/CD processes, is also necessary.

Are there any specific skills or technologies that I should be familiar with before preparing for the AZ-204 exam?

Yes, you should be familiar with concepts such as Azure services, Azure SDKs, tools, and libraries for building cloud applications, and the ability to write code in a supported language such as C#, Node.js, Python, JavaScript, or Java.

Can I take the AZ-204 exam without any prior experience in Microsoft Azure?

Yes, you can take the AZ-204 exam without prior Azure experience. However, it is recommended to have at least 1-2 years of experience in developing solutions using Azure services.

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