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Microsoft proficiency will help you stand out in a crowd of applicants, with over 13 million workforce candidates in over 400,000 job roles requiring Microsoft Expertise in the US alone. Microsoft certifications give people the tools to start their courses, fulfil their ambitions and realise their full potential. Recruitment agencies report candidates with Microsoft certifications are 50% more likely to be hired full time and receive and receive an average of 10 to 15% higher salaries than others.

Professional Microsoft Certification

Over 90% of recruitment managers consider candidate certifications as a criterion for hiring and over 80% of managers reported that their staff members Microsoft certification are more productive and require less supervision with their tasks. Almost all the recruitment managers say that an IT certification is a priority, and a Microsoft certification is quite high on that list. Microsoft certifications coming no.3 amongst the list of 20 "Top Skills for Representative Occupations in Seven Countries" on the IVC research list.

An industry certification that is globally recognised and highly sought after, with Microsoft's stamp of approval, a Microsoft certification will open many doors for you all over the world.

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, there are two things to consider and a few questions to ask yourself


What is your role?

Are you a security engineer who wants to protect Microsoft 365 services?

Is it your job to deploy windows into your organisation's computer network?

Experience (Levels)

How many years of experience do you have?

Are you new to Microsoft 365?

What is your level of expertise?

En grupp människor som diskuterar de senaste Microsoft Azure-nyheterna

Unlimited Microsoft Training

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Microsoft 365

Certification Badges

Certification Badges can be used to showcase your skills and expertise in your CV and social media, like LinkedIn

There are three levels of badge expertise

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Starting in technology - ONE STAR

Microsoft Certified Associate

Two years of comprehensive work experience - TWO STARS

Microsoft Certified Expert

Two to five years of in-depth technical experience - THREE STARS

Skills Measures for this badge

  1. Design and implement Microsoft 365 services
  2. Manage user identity and roles
  3. Manage access and authentications
  4. Plan Office 365 workloads and applications
  5. Implement modern device services (smartphone apps, etc)
  6. Implement Microsoft 365 Security and threat management
  7. Manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance


What is best for you?

Here are some examples of what is best for you, please contact Readynez for more information

Your role: Deploying windows operating system in your organisation's network

Certification: Modern Desktop Administrator

Experience level: 1 to 2 years experience (Associate)

Course: Microsoft 365 Desktop Administrator Associate

Your role: Managing and monitor email systems (on-premise and cloud)

Certification: Messaging Administrator

Experience level: 1 to 2 years experience (Associate)

Course: Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator Associate

Next step: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform and an online portal to access and manage resources and services provided by Microsoft, which was launched on 1st February 2010 in over 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure services. Also, having datacentres in over 40 regions around the world, making Azure of the most in-demand expertise, with Azure supporting multiple programming languages like C#, Node.Js, Java, etc

Azure services are divided into over 20 categories and containing more than 200 services


  • AI + Machine Learning
  • Analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Compute
  • Containers
  • Databases
  • Developer Tools
  • DevOps
  • Hybrid + multi-cloud
  • Identity
  • Integration
  • Internet of Things
  • Management and Governance
  • Media
  • Migration
  • Mixed Reality
  • Mobile
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Web
  • Windows Virtual Desktop
Microsoft Azure

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert)

The MCSE is intended for IT professionals. This means that the candidates already have a strong background in IT and they have a lot of knowledge in different areas and fields of the different MCSEs they're looking to take.

By achieving MCSE, will demonstrate that you are an expert in your selected area of interest.

Ideal for IT professionals with MCSA looking to expand their knowledge, grow their career and showcase their expertise in their specialist field

Prerequisite: Must have MCSA to achieve an MCSE

Types of MCSE certifications

The MCSE certifications that are currently on offer include the following:

MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate)

The MTA is Microsoft's Entry-Level certification. Intended for fundamental technology concepts addressing a wide variety of basic concepts and validates your core technical knowledge. Ideal for anyone seeking fundamental knowledge of technology.

This is ideal for anyone new who is looking to get into an IT career or it can be for anyone else looking to charge a career path. Say you've been working in network administration for a long time and now looking to get into systems administration, the MTA can help you with that change.

Prerequisite: None

There are no prerequisites required for the MTA, you do not need a prior certification, qualification or experience to start studying for the MTA.





The MTA certifications that are currently on offer include the following:

MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer)

The MCSD is intended for IT professionals, much like the MCSE, however, the primary focus of the MCSD leans more towards application programming and software developers.

Ideal for professionals with MCSA

Prerequisite: MCSA Certification

There are various roadmaps to achieve MCSD status depending upon the technology of your choice. Currently, MCSD paths have been defined for the below technologies:

  • Windows Store Apps
  • Web Applications
  • SharePoint Applications
  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Application Lifecycle management
  • Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft courses offered by Readynez

What exactly is involved?

Having the prestige of a Microsoft Certification validates your abilities to stay current and perform in job roles for a modern digital business. Ninety-one percent of certified technical experts believe that the effort employees put into acquiring new skills strongly contributes to their success

Microsoft Certification can help edge out candidates during a job interview. In addition to landing a new job and having more robust skills, those who obtain certifications also report earning more money

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