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jul 2021 av Maria Forsberg


About EG

EG is one of Scandinavia's leading IT service companies, which has been developing industry-specific solutions for more than 35 years, creating value for companies in a wide variety of industries.
"Throughout our years, we have been working to combine our deep industry knowledge with the right products and services, and with competent consultants with good business understanding. It has given us a strong market position and the potential to reach even further", says Tina Bodin, HR Director of the EC.


To support future innovation and growth, EG decided to launch their own internal academy at a Nordic level, that Readynez Academy has provided part of the recruitment and technical Microsoft training for. "We chose to let Readynez handle part of the recruitment, partly because it is an effective branding platform, but we were also curious to see what kind of profiles Readynez's name could add, and it has been an absolute positive experience "Says Tina Bodin.

One of the reasons why EG chose to add the young untested candidates into the company was their fundamental positive attitude towards the unique contributions to the business, that the young people bring. Tina Bodin says:

"They are free from the limitation of having tried everything before. They challenge our mindset, and they bring change to the part of the culture, which is more security-seeking than innovative."

In terms of how this mindset works with the experienced senior consultants, the experience is very positive with EG. "When we combine teams with the young people and our talented senior consultants, we see new knowledge emerge. Together, the two profiles can create something unique and therefore the senior consultants also benefit from working with the young candidates on projects. In order to create profitable growth and deliver top quality to customers, we as a company need both profiles. "

  • Many Keen Candidates to choose from
  • 2+2= 5: When you mix seniors and juniors in teams
  • 100% productive within 12 months
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Tina Bodin says:

"In 12 months, they will be equal consultants and we expect that the majority of them, within a few years, will be among the best senior consultants."


In addition to contributing positively to innovation, the young new consultants are also expected to contribute specifically to revenue - quickly.

During the first 3 months they spend some time in training, but after that we have increasing expectations to their business contributions and after 12 months they are expected to contribute at the same level as an experienced consultant.


Months to 100% contribution


Types of profiles make a perfect synergy


Talents added to the team

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Through years of experience working with more than 1000 top companies in the world, we ́ve architected the Readynez method for learning. Train in any technology using the award-winning Readynez method and combine any variation of learning style, technology and place, to take learning from intent to impact.


Now, leaders are hiring for Talent, not experience. That’s why Readynez is recognized by 500+ customers as the gold standard to solve even the most complex technical skills-crisis. Get fresh people recruited and trained to fit your needs and see the effect of hyper relevant skills, ready to power your business from day 1.


We’ve successfully designed and delivered more than 500 custom-made training programmes, with the proven SKILL model for customer success. First we gain insight, then we present the Solution and Prepare. Finally, your Expert Instructor and the success team delivers your training. Anywhere in the world or virtually.


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