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Genom år av erfarenhet av att arbeta med mer än 1000 toppföretag i världen, har vi utformat Readynez-metoden för lärande.
Träna i vilken teknik som helst med den prisbelönta Readynez-metoden och kombinera alla varianter av inlärningsstil, teknik och plats för att ta lärandeambitioner från avsikt till effekt.

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ISACA CGEIT Certificering (Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT)

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During this Readynez course you'll learn how to ensure that your IT systems meet the business's needs - through leadership, and organizational structures and processes. Learn about the roles, responsibilities and various focus areas of IT governance.

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Your expert instructor will get you ready for the following exam and certification, which are not included in your course package.

  • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT )
  • ISACA: Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)


There are no prerequisites for attending this course, but some knowledge / experience of IT governance is recommended. However, in order to be eligible for receiving the CGEIT certification, you must meet the following requirements:

A minimum of five years experience managing, advising or otherwise supporting IT governance in an enterprise is required for CGEIT certification. This experience must meet these specific requirements, based on the CGEIT Job Practice domains:

- A minimum of one year of experience relating to the definition, establishment and management of a Framework for the Governance of IT. The type and extent of experience accepted is described in CGEIT domain 1 (Framework for the Governance of Enterprise IT).
- Additional broad experience directly related to any two or more of the remaining CGEIT domains is required. The type and extent of experience accepted is described in CGEIT domains 2 through 5. These domains are:
- Strategic Management
- Benefits Realization
- Risk Optimisation
- Resource Optimisation

There are no waivers or substitutions for CGEIT experience, apart from one exception: Two years as a full-time university instructor teaching IT governance related subjects at an accredited university can be substituted for every one year of IT governance experience.

Individuals can take the CGEIT exam prior to meeting the experience requirements. This practice is acceptable and encouraged, although the CGEIT designation will not be awarded until all requirements are met.


Using our engaging learning methodology including a variety of tools, we’ll cover the entire curriculum.

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Price: 19700 SEK26900 SEK

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