ATEA Norway: How to close the Skills Gap with Talent and win big!

mar 2022 av Maria Forsberg


New game

It’s a new game for tech recruitment as everything in society is speeding up and we face the 4th Industrial Revolution. The workplace, as we know it, is changing rapidly and we will innovate faster, collaborate more efficiently, deliver more value for less effort and so it's changing the traditional business models and new Skills and resources are in high demand.

But how do you find those new people that you need? You find new ways.

Learn how ATEA in Norway got 10 new Talented Consultants in 6 weeks!

- No demands on internal organization
Within 2 months candidates facing customers on their own
- 10 New Certified Consultants

More Consultants are needed

As many companies are speeding up their digital transformation efforts, tech companies are seeing a high demand for their consultants:

Mia Amlie from ATEA puts it like this:

“As the demand for our solutions is increasing, we need to be one step ahead of the market and we need to hire more people to deliver the solutions that the market needs. However, the access to skills and talent within the IT industry now is critical”

In fact, data from OECD shows that this is a global issue. Their data shows that the 14 G20 countries could miss out on as much as 11.5 trillion USD, if they fail to meet their technical skills demands. That is an entire percentage point of growth lost.

Every year…

Time for change
To find those new Skills, businesses like ATEA in Norway would traditionally have started a search process for the profiles with the Skills that they needed, but that recruitment model is high risk and outdated as competition for the experienced profiles has become extreme.

Mia explains; “It's really difficult to hire experienced profiles to join our team because the competition is huge, for both us and our competitors. So, you can either miss out on business or you can think differently and find other ways to get the people you need.”

How Atea hired 29 ultra-qualified candidates in no time!
Atea has a graduate programme where they hire candidates right from universities with no IT experience. This graduate programme is for 10 months and is design to develop great consultants in no time. In the very first weeks every graduate is signed up for a 6-week certification program according to their role, where 10 of their graduates partnered up with Readynez.

Mia explains: “We can train graduates with the right mindsets to do anything, but we can´t teach an experienced profile to fit our culture if our values don´t match.”

Readynez Talent built a 6-week training programme that included exams and certifications for 10 Talented graduates. The programme included soft skills and in within 2 months they were facing customers on their own:

“All 10 were certified and facing customers within 2-3 months. The Talent programme has worked beyond our expectations. We're obviously really happy!” Mia continues to explain.

No demands on internal organization
Many businesses have tried and abandoned graduate programmes before, because of the strains they can put on HR and line managers to plan and execute.

But with Readynez that is not a concern.

Mia explains:

“I could relax because Readynez did everything. The only thing I had to do was to book a room for the training.  

I have also had an evaluation with the graduates, and they are really happy as well. They loved the training method that provided so much more than just the theory. There was lots of hands-on training and the soft-skill Mondays taught them how to interact with customers in a professional way. It was a very holistic training approach, designed for this specific type of candidate. It was obvious that Readynez knows just how to train this type of candidate“.

For ATEA, the graduate programme is now part of the recruitment strategy, and it has had a positive impact on the whole business. The graduates have boosted energy and contributed with new solutions and ideas that are valuable to the senior consultants and the business in general.

Not only was a skills crisis avoided, but new competitive advantages were also gained. Plus, the cost structure is attractive for businesses of all sizes. The programmes are built for the customer and are 100% scalable from 1 to 100’s of candidates.

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Of the Class passed their Exams


New Consultants provided


Months from graduate to customerfacing

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