Meet a Career Mover: Abdul trained his way to an IT career

Jan 2022 by Maria Forsberg

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Abdul is one of the many learners who got a job through one of Readynez's Training programmes.

Abdul fled to Denmark from Syria, and he immediately began to work purposefully to get to speak the language. Abdul explains that he was fully aware that language is the key to society, friends and networks.

Offers from the public
The first public offers were Danish lessons and internships, and it was a good start, but the last helping hand was still needed to get into the IT industry.

Abdul says: “I got to talk with a Skills Coach. She knew Readynez and she told me about their Microsoft Training Programmes that are provided free of charge since they're publically funded. At that time, I had no preconditions for getting a job in the IT industry. I was a graduate in communication, but would very much like to work with IT, even though I knew nothing about it. ”

Want to learn
When Abdul heard about the Programme, he contacted the Skills Coach, had a chat on Teams, and got started very quickly.

"I was incredibly happy to get the chance, but also a little scared. I did not have an IT background. But during the training, I learned everything I needed to know. It was hard, but exciting. There was a lot to learn. The 4 courses were my entire IT education, but I succeeded, ”says Abdul.


Work on your own merits
Abdul quickly got a job with KMD, and was given responsibility for his own field before he later got a new job at another company, on his own merits. Abdul says: “I got my new job, on my own merits. I am no longer the refugee, Abdul, and it is a good feeling to have a future ”.

"I love my job, you work with something you like, and get paid at the same time. I did not imagine it could go that way. I was 24 when the war started and all my dreams were about surviving. I may have had a primitive dream of a stable life, but I did not know what that was ”

In the conversation with Abdul, there are two things that you notice; The focus and the gratitude. Abdul finally says: “Now I am very grateful. When I look back I am both surprised and grateful. But remember I was given the opportunity. If no one had helped me with the opportunity, I could not have done it. ”


Of the Class passed their Exams


Got a job in IT


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