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Welcome to the Ericsson Cybersecurity courses at Readynez

Here you'll find a complete list of the Cybersecurity courses Readynez offers to Ericsson.

The ISC2 CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional training course is designed for experienced IT professionals and security practitioners responsible for managing and securing information systems. The course covers various domains including security and risk management, asset security, security architecture and engineering, communication and network security, identity and access management, security assessment and testing, security operations, and software development security. By completing the course and obtaining the CISSP certification, individuals demonstrate their expertise in these domains and their ability to design, implement, and manage effective security programs. The certification validates their knowledge in information security management, secure architecture, network security, incident response, and more. It enhances their professional credibility and qualifies them for senior roles in the field of information security.


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Ericsson 3006

The ISACA CISM Certification (Certified Information Security Manager) training course is designed for IT professionals and information security managers responsible for overseeing an organization's information security program. The course covers areas such as information security governance, risk management, program development and management, incident response, and compliance. By completing the course and earning the certification, individuals demonstrate their proficiency in establishing and maintaining effective information security governance frameworks, managing risks, developing security programs, and responding to incidents. The CISM certification validates their expertise in information security management and qualifies them for leadership roles in the field.


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Ericsson 2223

The ISO 27001 Lead Implementer training course is designed for professionals involved in implementing and managing information security management systems based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. The course covers topics such as understanding ISO 27001, implementing an information security management system, risk assessment and management, controls and processes implementation, performance evaluation and monitoring, and continual improvement. By completing the course, participants gain the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, establish, and maintain an effective information security management system aligned with ISO 27001 requirements. They learn how to assess risks, implement controls, monitor performance, and drive continual improvement. The training equips professionals to support organizations in achieving ISO 27001 certification and strengthening their information security practices.


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Ericsson 2497



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