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Training can be hard, but with the right ressources and support, you too can get a more satisfying life.

The support to get you the results you want

Your Personal Learner Pathway will provide the skills you need, to help you do more of what you love. 

The 3 step learner path is built to teach you real applicable skills that open opportunities for you.

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Get Ready with your Personal Learner Pathway and Support from our team

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Get Smarter with 9-5 hands-on instruction from your Expert instructor

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Get Luckier as you´re great at what you do and certified to get better results in life


Each element in the pathway builds on the next, so that you can reach your goals step by step.

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The Readynez365 platform provides an enhanced digital pathway for all your learning elements, from pre-studies to exam, making it the most direct route to new tech Skills. Pick what you want (and need) to get up to speed. It´s all laid out for you in Readynez365 well in advance of your courses.

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The training methodology is designed for the virtual classroom to inspire and engage you with a variation of hands-on, presentations, labs and tests.

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There´s a maximum of 17 learners in the class to ensure your easy access to personal coaching.You’ll meet accredited expert instructors that are seasoned IT Professionals and Consultants certified to the highest level and bringing real-world experience into the classroom


It’s your choice whether to sit the exam, or not, but with our detailed guides and hotline, we’ll make it easy to access your exam voucher, and schedule and sit the exam online. ·Exam Support
It’s your choice whether to sit the exam, or not, but with our detailed guides and hotline, we’ll make it easy to access your exam voucher, and schedule and sit the exam online


Your access to training is unlimited and you can train as much as you want until you successfully pass your exam.


Our organisation operates with minimal environmental impact and we´ve reduced our Co2 emission with 96% since 2020.We are compliant with the ISO 14001 throughout our entire supply chain as your guarantee for our sustainable business practices.

How are we liked?

At Readynez, we believe there is better way to get trained and certified. So do our customers. The most common score given is a 10 with 10 being the highest possible score - Take a look at the reviews here and see some of the reasons why that is. Choose between hundreds of IT courses including Microsoft courses, AWS Courses and Cisco Courses .

A good concept that helps you focus without disturbance. Good teachers and an environment that give you all possibilites to do your best.

Magnus Ekros


Fantastic course, with alot of new insight to Microsoft 365

Martin Jørgensen


I love the commitment and entuthiasm of this whole experience!

Daniel Johannessen



We are proud achievers of several prestigious Awards in recognition of the Readynez solutions that our customers love!

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