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Certified CompTIA A+ badge achieved after attending the A+ Course and Exam

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CompTIA A+

Launch your IT career with the CompTIA A+ certification, and gain the essential skills in hardware, software, networking, and security to excel in IT roles.

course: CompTIA A+

Duration: 5 days

Format: Virtual or Classroom

prepare-exam Prepares for Exam : Comptia A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 (220-1001) Comptia A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 (220-1002)

certification-icon Prepares for Certification : CompTia A+

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Kickstart your IT career with our comprehensive training course. Learn the fundamentals of IT hardware, software, networking, and security. From PC troubleshooting to mobile device management, this course covers all aspects of IT support. With hands-on labs and expert-led instruction, you'll gain the skills needed to pass the CompTIA A+ exam and become certified as an IT professional. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a certified IT professional with our specialized training and certification course.

This course includes
  • intructor-iconInstructor-led training
  • intructor-iconPractice test
  • intructor-iconPre-reading
  • intructor-iconPersonal Learning Path
  • intructor-iconCertification Guarantee
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Who is this course for?

Who is the CompTIA A+ course for?

The CompTIA A+ certification is designed for individuals who are interested in starting a career in IT support or technical roles. This certification is particularly suitable for: 1. Entry-level IT professionals: Individuals who are new to the field of information technology and want to gain foundational knowledge and skills in areas such as hardware, networking, operating systems, and security. 2. IT enthusiasts: Individuals who have a passion for technology and want to validate their skills and knowledge in computer hardware, software, and troubleshooting. 3. Career changers: Professionals from non-IT backgrounds who are looking to transition into IT careers can benefit from the CompTIA A+ certification as it provides them with a solid understanding of fundamental IT concepts and prepares them for entry-level technical roles. 4. Students and recent graduates: Students studying IT-related courses or recent graduates who are looking to enter the IT industry can use the CompTIA A+ certification to enhance their employability and demonstrate their technical proficiency to potential employers. 5. IT support technicians: Individuals already working in IT support roles, such as help desk technicians or technical support specialists, can use the CompTIA A+ certification to formalize their knowledge and skills, potentially leading to career advancement opportunities.


What you will learn during our CompTIA A+ course.

  • Given a scenario, configure settings and use BIOS/UEFI tools on a PC.
  • Explain the importance of motherboard components, their purpose and properties.
  • Compare and contrast various RAM types and their features.
  • Install and configure PC expansion cards.
  • Install and configure storage devices and use appropriate media.
  • Install various types of CPUs and apply the appropriate cooling methods.
  • Compare and contrast various PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose.
  • Install a power supply based on given specifications.
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate components for a custom PC configuration to meet customer specifications or needs.
  • Compare and contrast types of display devices and their features.
  • Identify common PC connector types and associated cables.
  • Install and configure common peripheral devices.
  • Install SOHO multifunction device/printers and configure appropriate settings.
  • Compare and contrast differences between the various print technologies and the associated imaging process.
  • Given a scenario, perform appropriate printer maintenance.
  • Identify the various types of network cables and connectors.
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of connectors and cabling.
  • Explain the properties and characteristics of TCP/IP.
  • Explain common TCP and UDP ports, protocols and their purpose.
  • Compare and contrast various WiFi networking standards and encryption types.
  • Given a scenario, install and configure SOHO wireless/ wired router and apply appropriate settings.
  • Compare and contrast Internet connection types, network types and their features.
  • Compare and contrast network architecture devices, their functions and features.
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate networking tools.
  • Install and configure laptop hardware and components.
  • Explain the function of components within the display of a laptop.
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate laptop features.
  • Explain the characteristics of various types of other mobile devices.
  • Compare and contrast accessories and ports of other mobile devices.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU and power with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot hard drives and RAID arrays with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common video, projector and display issues.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot wired and wireless networks with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot and repair common mobile device issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot printers with appropriate tools.
  • Compare and contrast various features and requirements of Microsoft Operating Systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1).
  • Given a scenario, install Windows PC operating systems using appropriate methods.
  • Given a scenario, apply appropriate Microsoft command line tools.
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate Microsoft operating system features and tools.
  • Given a scenario, use Windows Control Panel utilities.
  • Given a scenario, install and configure Windows networking on a client/desktop.
  • Perform common preventive maintenance procedures using the appropriate Windows OS tools.
  • Identify common features and functionality of the Mac OS and Linux operating systems.
  • Given a scenario, set up and use clientside virtualization.
  • Identify basic cloud concepts.
  • Summarize the properties and purpose of services provided by networked hosts.
  • Identify basic features of mobile operating systems.
  • Install and configure basic mobile device network connectivity and email.
  • Summarize methods and data related to mobile device synchronization.
  • Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Compare and contrast common prevention methods.
  • Compare and contrast differences of basic Windows OS security settings.
  • Given a scenario, deploy and enforce security best practices to secure a workstation.
  • Compare and contrast various methods for securing mobile devices.
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate data destruction and disposal methods.
  • Given a scenario, secure SOHO wireless and wired networks.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot PC operating system problems with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common PC security issues with appropriate tools and best practices.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application issues with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application security issues with appropriate tools.
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate safety procedures.
  • Given a scenario with potential environmental impacts, apply the appropriate controls.
  • Summarize the process of addressing prohibited content/ activity, and explain privacy, licensing and policy concepts.
  • Demonstrate proper communication techniques and professionalism.
  • Given a scenario, explain the troubleshooting theory.


How to best be prepared for our CompTIA A+ course.

  • [Dictionary item: Orange-check] Experience building a computer, set up devices in Windows OS
  • [Dictionary item: Orange-check] Knowledge in how to set up home network (ISP connection)
  • [Dictionary item: Orange-check] Familiar with Windows desktop Environment (Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP)

Meet our instructors

Meet some of the Readynez Instructors you can meet on your course. They are experts, passionate about what they do, and dedicated to give back to their industry, their field, and those who want to learn, explore, and advance in their careers.


Ed Baker

Ed is a Microsoft MVP for many years and has authored several Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses for Azure, Windows Server and Windows.

He is a 25 year IT veteran with experience in the UK Police and armed forces. Ed is a former Microsoft Technical Evangelist and is an MCT Regional Lead for the UK and he currently holds the most prestigious Microsoft MVP accreditation. Ed also helps run the UK MS Cloud User Group and the annual Evolve Conference in the UK.

Ed has authored several Microsoft Official Curriculum Courses for Azure, Windows Server and Windows as well as writing courses for Opsgility and other online providers.
Ed is a regular conference speaker at events such as TechEd, Ignite, TechSummit, SpiceWorld and more.

Ed now spends his time mixed between teaching Microsoft Azure, Windows Server and Enterprise Mobility topics. In addition Ed provides consultancy services to Small and Medium Enterprises as well as direct to Microsoft UK and Microsoft Corp.


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Tiago Costa

Tiago Costa is Microsoft MVP and a Cloud Architect and Advisor and International speaker on the Microsoft Cloud.

Tiago Costa is a Cloud Architect and Advisor on Microsoft Azure. For the past years he has been architecting and developing solutions using Microsoft Azure for some of the fortune 500 companies.

Due to his strong real-world experience, Tiago regularly teaches Microsoft Azure classes around the world. Microsoft Azure MVP since 2016 for his community efforts in promoting and sharing knowledge with the community.

Tiago has 40+ Microsoft Certifications including MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer - and got awarded as MCT Regional Lead every year since 2016. He’s the founder of the Azure Portugal User Group. He loves diving into new technologies and to share his experience at conferences and training classes, but what excites him about his work is to help others exploring new frontiers in technology impacting their life’s, making the world a better place for everyone. His free time is spent with his family in the sunny Lisbon, Portugal building cool and geek projects

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FAQs for the CompTIA A+ course.

CompTIA A+ certification is an entry-level credential for IT professionals, validating foundational skills in computer hardware and software technologies. It demonstrates proficiency in tasks such as installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and maintaining PCs, mobile devices, operating systems, and network connectivity.

Readynez's CompTIA A+ course provides comprehensive training in essential IT skills and knowledge. Prepare for the exam and gain certification as a CompTIA A+ IT professional with our expert-led training program. Learn to troubleshoot hardware and software issues, and become proficient in computer networking and security. Join us and kickstart your career in IT support.

There are no mandatory prerequisites for CompTIA A+ certification. However, candidates are recommended to have basic knowledge of computer hardware and software technologies, as well as practical experience in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting PCs and devices.

The cost of the CompTIA A+ exam may vary, typically ranging from €180 to €220.

The CompTIA A+ exam covers topics such as hardware, networking, mobile devices, operating systems, security, and troubleshooting. It assesses candidates' abilities to perform various IT tasks, including hardware installation and configuration, network troubleshooting, software installation and maintenance, and basic security measures.

Yes, CompTIA A+ certification is valuable for individuals seeking entry-level IT positions and looking to establish a foundation in IT support and administration. It demonstrates to employers that you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform essential IT tasks, providing a pathway to career opportunities in IT support roles.

The time it takes to become CompTIA A+ certified varies depending on individual experience, study habits, and dedication. Typically, candidates spend several weeks to a few months preparing for the exam by self-studying, attending training courses, and gaining hands-on experience with IT technologies.

Yes, CompTIA offers online proctoring options for the A+ exam, allowing candidates to take the exam remotely from their home or office. Ensure your computer meets the technical requirements for online proctoring and follow the exam registration process outlined by CompTIA for online exam delivery.

The difficulty of passing the CompTIA A+ exam depends on individual knowledge, experience, and preparation. Candidates with a solid understanding of IT fundamentals, practical experience with hardware and software technologies, and thorough exam preparation are more likely to succeed in passing the exam.

The passing score for CompTIA exams such as the CompTIA A+ may vary but can typically be around 675 out of 900.

CompTIA A+ certification is valid for three years from the date of certification. To maintain your certification, you must earn continuing education units (CEUs) through activities such as attending training courses, participating in webinars, and completing relevant certifications. Fulfill the CEU requirements and submit them to CompTIA to renew your certification.

Salary potential after obtaining CompTIA A+ certification varies depending on factors such as location, industry, experience, and job role. Entry-level IT support technicians and help desk professionals with CompTIA A+ certification can expect competitive salaries, with earning potential increasing with additional experience and expertise.


Feedback from our delegates.


Stephen Ridgway

Readynez is the best training provider I've used for many years. Their customer service is first class, prices are very competitive and instruction excellent.


Johan Andersson

Easy to attend over Teams and an excellent instructor gave me great value for the time I invested.

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