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Organizing Learning & Development for Digital Skills with SimCorp

Hear Kenn Coops from SimCorp explain how they've organized Learning & Development to be first-movers building digital Cloud skills at scale to support their Cloud Transformation journey

Season 1

Episode 1

Organizing Learning & Development for Digital Skills with Simcorp



In this episode, Frank is speaking with Kenn from SimCorp, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated investment management solutions, about building a scalable learning organization that makes Digital Skills work for the business.

You´ll learn about their new way to organize learning and some of the considerations in a never-normal Digital Skills reality.

Regardless of the Digital Skills in question, there is a recipe for success with Digital Transformation, and as SimCorp share their thoughts, you'll also get Frank's weigh-in:

In Frank’s experience as a CEO of Readynez, we need large-scale, programmatic efforts to support skill building, we need an organizational structure that puts Skills first and is dedicated to learning, and we need to bring training decisions close to the business. When those things happen, the chance of success is nearly guaranteed.

Skills are now a core part of the business
At SimCorp, Kenn is the Enterprise Learning Architect, and his role is a similar but also vastly different version of the well-known Head of L&D.

The Enterprise Learning Architect is the head cheerleader, as Ken calls it, of a team of 25 Learning Owners, that are responsible for Digital Skills in each of their niche areas.

That makes the learning organization very scalable, and it put the Skills and Training decisions in a very central position for the business. As Digital Transformation is accelerated, budgets are allocated to wherever they do the most good, and decision making is fast.

The Learning Owners are specialists in their fields, they understand the technologies and the Skills required in the business. They days of picking a random course off a list are long gone!

They are a central part of all projects. Digital Skills come first, not later and that is the way it has to be.

Transformation is just the new normal, it is more agile and faster and ongoing. It is never done, but it happens every day.  

Click the Play button in the image at the top of this page to learn how a very successful company like SimCorp handles that new reality, and get in touch with Readynez at to join the conversation.

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KEC Office

Kenn Coops


Kenn Coops is Enterprise Learning Architect at SimCorp, heading up all their Learning & Development activities across the organization.

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