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nov 2021 av MARIA FORSBERG

We are living in a very unusual time. The effects of COVID-19 are not yet fully known and the eventual impact may affect many facets of life both personally and corporately.

So, what have we done?

Readynez Virtual

We have accelerated the development of Readynez Virtual which is your chance to join our training with an Expert Instructor in the classroom, but you will join from your venue of choice via remote connection.

It’s a safe and efficient option and we hope that it can help you get on with your professional life, and perhaps even make the most of a time, when there is more focus time available to get the training done.

PS: This is nothing like the traditional cheap recorded online training. This is you, a group of peers and one of the most expert instructors in the world "geeking out" together in real-time and learning a lot!

Reviews from recent Virtual Courses


"This course was just perfect" 

Morten Juul Pedersen, NetNordic



"Instructor was absolutely fantastic with a lot of good energy and 100% focus in some very stressful corona times"

Alexander Simonsen, Jansson.



"Because Jens is fucking awesome! You guys max out the scale once again. Fantastic course!"

Ryan, Cibicom



To learn more about it, please get in touch with us, you can book with a 20% discount now. 

See all virtual courses here:




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