Om Kurserna

Genom år av erfarenhet av att arbeta med mer än 1000 toppföretag i världen, har vi utformat Readynez-metoden för lärande.
Träna i vilken teknik som helst med den prisbelönta Readynez-metoden och kombinera alla varianter av inlärningsstil, teknik och plats för att ta lärandeambitioner från avsikt till effekt.

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Looking for a modern sales role? We’re hiring Business Development Manager’s

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The role
Welcome to a modern sales role in a different kind of company.

Based on our long-lasting achievements and proven results, you will find yourself in a unique and trusted position to empower our customers to succeed with a more integrated and business driven approach to Digital??? Skills.

As the leading Solutions provider in the Skills-First Economy we are redefining the way that businesses work with Skills development. This is how our customers stay ever ready for continuous digital transformation.

You will successfully negotiate and close business, based on that mission, as you build relationships and nourish your existing ones by suggesting role-based plans, Customised training programmes, Talent requirement strategies and the state-of the art learning Platform Readynez365, that ties it all together.

About you

You’re a true networker, who loves to speak with people on all levels; Floor to C-Level, but you don’t get lost in information easily. You keep an eye on the ball and the great business centred outcomes that we generate for our customers.

• You will already have proven your success in both new client acquisition and client expansion.
• Planning and delivery of strategic account plans is a natural part of your work.
• You’re a persistent hunter type of person who loves to win.
• You´re probably interested in tech and the challenges that each industry is facing on their digitalization journey
• You have prior experience with complex enterprise digital transformation initiatives.
• You are fluent in both written and spoken English
• You have demonstrated proficiency with productivity tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM systems, reporting etc)
• Prior experience in selling SaaS is an extra plus

We offer

  • High commissions and excellent benefits
  • Health insurance
  • Unparalleled operational support
  • Uncapped earning potential
  • Trust
  • Excellent office facilities, but you can work from anywhere.
  • One of the best rated workplaces in Europe (rated by employees by Great Place to Work)

About Readynez


The biggest strategic advantage that you can have these days is tech and the people and skills to make it work for the business.

You want that fact to be reflected in Skills plans and investments, and that is essentially what Readynez provides.

Expect change, plan for it to happen and then allocate the resources and act. In our view, spending on training without a plan is pointless, and investing in tech without training is a waste.

When you want progress, you plan for it and you do it right. It’s time for an integrated approach to putting skills first.

Send your CV to Sales Manager asap, interviews happen on an ongoing basis.

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