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feb 2021 by Maria Forsberg

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PrintVis - Choosing Readynez365 is cheaper and has many additional benefits.

“We are very pleased, that we chose a subscription based solution from Readynez. It has a very attractive price, a really good functionality, and we got great support from Readynez for the implementation”.

The PrintVis product is complex and it places great demands on the availability of effective product training. But what is the best way to manage that training, should you should manage the training with a traditional LMS system or a modern subscription-based solution?

Formerly, the onboarding of new partners and their employees was primarily supported with with webinars, a support portal and a series of training events.


Ready for the future

"There were several good LXP systems on the market, but they were generally inflexible and the solutions were far too large in relation to our needs." says Helle Vogt Mikkelsen from PrintVis.

“We came in touch with Readynez, who supported us throughout the project and tailored a Readynez365 solution for us. Now we do not pay for anything unnecessary, and the solution is scaled on a monthly basis, so we only pay for the users who are currently using it”. Helle goes on to say that they are also happy with the open instructor section where they can host webinars and follow-up meetings as needed.

Another unique part of Readynez365 is the reporting and management parts. Here, Readynez has created a unique dashboard where PrintVis can monitor the partners' consumption of learning and provide support when needed.

  • Tailormade solution
  • No unnecessary spend
  • Highly flexible solution
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No wasteful spend

“We wanted a new solution that was simple to work with, and we wanted a flexible certification option, and we didn't want to pay for a lot of functionality that we don't need,”


“We want our partners to become more proficient and thus faster to implement the solution. The sooner the partners are trained and certified, the sooner the end customers can get their solutions, so we avoid bottlenecks,” Helle says, concluding:

“We are very pleased, that we chose a Readynez365 solution from Readynez. It has a very attractive price, a really good functionality, and we got great support from Readynez for the implementation ”.

Want to know more about Readynez365? Take a look at the page here and book a free consultation to learn more about how Readynez can contribute to your business development.


Wasted Spend on functionality that isn't needed


% Customized solution that is built to fit.


Readynez365 is #1 choice for flexibility.

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