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Roadmap to IT-Security training

That is an excellent question - but not uncomplicated to answer.

So we´ve prepared a roadmap including all your options and how they relate to each other.

So what is best for you?  

Here is our Senior Instructor Kevin Henry´s tips to pick the right training.

The first thing that should be mentioned is passion – do what you LIKE to do. Seek a job that is interesting and personally rewarding more than just being well-paid. (Having said that it is much easier to enjoy life with a decent income than being broke!). Seek to add value where you are and experience the joy of making an impact on others, helping your organisation or clients to succeed and being a part of a team you are proud to work with. 

For a person that has completed the CISSP, the next decision is often whether to move more towards management or technical expertise. A CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is an excellent role – immersed in the challenges and opportunities provided by technology. Such a person often needs to seek further vendor-specific education – learning how to select, design and implement technologies. Gaining more education in Enterprise Architecture is often helpful. Taking advanced training in Enterprise Risk Management or Project Management can also be a good choice.

The person that chooses a career in the management of IT systems (CIO, CISO) or even Senior Management of the organisation should consider education in complementary areas that will add more knowledge or perspective. For example, the CISA is often a good choice – how will I be audited? Understanding the approach and concerns of an auditor can help an Information Security Manager to prepare for and pass an audit. Courses in Risk, Project Management and ISO/IEC standards such as 27001 (Information Security Management System) and 22301 (Business Continuity) can also be a good choice. 

Whatever road you choose, keep learning. Technology changes, business changes and our ways of finding solutions to technical, business and human resources challenges also need to evolve. Old solutions do not fix new problems and we must never stagnate or stop learning. 

Keep life interesting and full of enjoyment – keep learning and adding value wherever you go!


Unlimited Security Training

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Unlimited Security Training Unlimited Security Training

What is an IT Security Specialist?

Filling the tech skills gap

Corporations develop close partnerships to improve training opportunities. Skill-building for all IT secyurity requires a new approach.

Use of more advanced technologies

Now companies are figuring how to utilise IT security to get better business insights, Successful businesses are a planning how to get business value from these platforms and other new tech.

Speed in experimenting and innovating

Companies are thinking about new business lines that they couldn't have done before, and this is going to continue to create an acceleration. There's a recognition that you can't go back.

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