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The Value of Achieving the Microsoft AZ 104 Certification

  • Is the AZ 104 certification worth it?
  • Published by: André Hammer on May 17, 2024

Are you interested in getting better at technology? Getting the Microsoft AZ-104 certification could help you with that. This certification shows you know how to manage Microsoft Azure systems well. It can make you really useful to any company.

Getting the AZ-104 certification can lead to cool chances in the tech world. Let's see how this certification can help you and make your career better.

Overview of the Microsoft AZ 104 Certification

What is the AZ 104 Exam?

If you want to become an Azure Administrator Associate by taking the AZ-104 Exam, you need to understand Azure, basics of cloud computing, and how to manage Azure resources.

To get ready for the exam, it's important to take technical training, try out Azure solutions, and get practical experience. Strong Azure skills can help you advance in your career as a network administrator, junior Azure cloud administrator, or Azure solutions architect.

Exam Objectives of AZ 104

The AZ-104 certification focuses on learning the basics of cloud computing. It requires special skills to manage Azure resources well.

To get ready for the exam, you need to get hands-on experience. This means setting up, watching over, and looking after Azure setups. Studying technical materials and using virtual labs are good ways to build these skills. Other helpful resources include study guides and online courses.

Getting the AZ-104 certification is great if you are a network administrator or junior cloud advisor. It shows you really understand how Azure works.

Is the AZ 104 Certification Worth it?

Getting the AZ-104 certification is perfect if you want to work as an Azure cloud administrator. It teaches you how to handle Azure setups well, which makes you important in many companies.

Certification can get you better jobs, more pay, and roles like network administrators or Azure solutions architects.

The certification also builds your skills in cloud computing, running networks, and controlling storage. These skills are wanted and can help you get ahead in mid-level jobs.

It also shows you can make secure Azure setups, set up virtual networks, and run resources well.

Skills Gained Through the AZ 104 Certification

Learn Skills in Cloud Administration

The AZ-104 certification is great for improving your cloud administration skills. It teaches you about Azure services, how to manage networks, and how to handle storage.

Validate Skills in Azure Services

Getting certified shows you can work with Azure environments, manage storage well, and keep identities safe. Azure cloud administrators, network administrators, and junior systems administrators can all use this certification.

Who Should Consider Obtaining AZ-104 Certification?

Systems Administrators

As a Systems Administrator, you manage your organization's network, systems, and resources. You need technical skills to set up, watch over, and keep virtual storage, rules, and identities safe in a cloud system like Azure. This means setting privacy rules, knowing much about Azure, and keeping your network safe.

You also work with teams to fix problems and train junior network administrators. Some things you might face include keeping up with fast-changing technology, handling costs well, and getting hands-on experience in your work.

Network Administrators

As a Network Administrator with an AZ-104 certification, your job is to handle network setups in organisations, especially in Azure cloud systems. You set up, watch over, and manage virtual resources, identities, and storage in Azure.

To do well in this job, you need technical skills like knowing about cloud computing, setting rules, and ensuring privacy policies are followed. You focus on keeping the network safe by managing user identities, setting up security measures, and watching how the network works.

Help Desk Analysts

As a Help Desk Analyst, having good technical skills in network and system administration and cloud computing is important.

Microsoft's AZ-104 certification focuses on Azure, and it can really help you advance in your career.

With this certification, you'll learn how to manage Azure resources, handle storage, monitor identities, and set up governance solutions.

Having the AZ-104 certification will make you better at deploying and maintaining virtual networks, which are crucial in today's digital world.

Your certification skills can help you deal with complex technical issues users report. Skills like troubleshooting and security will also help you keep the network running smoothly.

Preparation Tips for the AZ 104 Exam

Here are some simple study tips for getting ready for the AZ-104 exam:

  • Use virtual labs for practical experience.
  • Focus on hands-on practice for deploying and managing Azure resources.

  • Engage in technical training for cloud computing fundamentals.

Here are some helpful resources to get you ready for the AZ-104 exam:

  • Study cram materials.

  • Specialised technical training courses.

  • Online forums for collaboration and sharing insights.

Here are some things to watch out for when getting ready for the exam:

  • Overlooking hands-on experience.

  • Neglecting governance, identities, and security topics.

  • Not engaging with a study group or virtual team for support.

Exam Cost and Resources

The AZ-104 exam costs between £99 and £150, depending on where you register. It's a good investment for anyone who wants to advance as an Azure administrator.

You can use online study guides, practice tests, and virtual labs that simulate real situations to prepare for the exam. Technical training sites also offer courses designed specifically for the exam. These cover topics like setting up Azure resources, monitoring data, and securing things.

If you're looking for discounts on exam vouchers or study materials for the AZ-104 certification, check online forums, official Microsoft partners, or cloud computing providers. They often have deals for professionals aiming to become Azure administrators.


Getting the Microsoft AZ-104 certification is important in IT. It shows you know how to manage and set up Microsoft Azure well. This certification can help you get better jobs and grow in your career. It also shows you're serious about learning and staying current in the field.

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What is the value of achieving the Microsoft AZ 104 certification?

Getting the Microsoft AZ-104 certification can lead to more job options and a higher salary. It proves you're good at Azure administration, which can get you jobs like Azure Administrator or Cloud Engineer. This certification shows you know how to handle cloud services well, which can make your career better.

How will obtaining the Microsoft AZ 104 certification benefit my career?

Obtaining the Microsoft AZ-104 certification will help your career by showing you're good at managing Azure resources. It makes you more likely to get hired for jobs in the cloud. You could aim for roles like Azure Administrator, Cloud Engineer, or Solutions Architect, which can mean higher pay.

What skills and knowledge will I gain from pursuing the Microsoft AZ 104 certification?

You'll learn to manage Azure identities and rules, set up and watch over virtual networks, and keep track of and back up Azure resources.

You'll also learn to set up and manage Azure storage, manage Azure computers, and protect identities using Azure Active Directory and Multi-Factor Authentication.

Are there opportunities for advancement or higher pay with the Microsoft AZ 104 certification?

The Microsoft AZ-104 certification offers plenty of opportunities and can help you advance in your career and earn more money. You might qualify for jobs like Azure administrator or cloud engineer, usually with higher salaries.

How does the Microsoft AZ 104 certification differentiate me from other IT professionals in the industry?

The Microsoft AZ-104 certification shows that you're skilled at managing Azure cloud services. It also proves your skills in virtual networks, storage, and security, which makes you important to any company.


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