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How to get FREE training for your team with the Microsoft ESI programme

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The Microsoft ESI programme is designed to enhance and boost your organization's technical Azure, Security and Business Applications skills with training and certification – at a heavily discounted price (or even for free!)

Tech Capability – To be Successful in today’s economy, you need to digitally transform.

Tech  Adoption – The more familiar you are with a product, the more you use it.

Tech Confidence – Skills build confidence, and confidence drives productivity, innovation and growth.


This year (FY23) Microsoft states that the training funds in the ESI programme are considered a "discretionary benefit" for all customers. We recommend that you get in touch with Readynez at +45 88 18 43 20 to explore your ESI options, the rules can be complicated to navigate if you´re not a specialist.

You might have the opportunity to get training co-funded if not fully funded(!) by Microsoft and Readynez. There is no upper nor lower limit to the number of resources you can train under the ESI pgrogramme as long as it can be justified. It’s also a Global program meaning that you are allowed to enroll learners from different regions, the funding will be adjusted to reflect the region of each learner.

See all the eligible ESI courses, descriptions, dates and discounted prices here



Two people monitoring systems for security breaches

Unlimited Security Training

Get Unlimited access to ALL the LIVE Instructor-led Security courses you want - all for the price of less than one course. 

  • 60+ LIVE Instructor-led courses
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Access to 50+ seasoned instructors
  • Trained 50,000+ IT Pro's

Public Schedule

You can receive a per learner discount of X USD from Microsoft.

Please refer to the table for details. For bookings on our public schedule, Readynez offers you to register learners for a matching amount. E.g. If you want to book a learner from UK on any of the ESI eligible courses, Microsoft will contribute with 600 USD and you’ll only have to pay 600 USD yourself. This applies to all eligible courses regardless of duration.

All training is virtual instructor-led, but we do offer the option to take it onsite at our venues. You’d then only pay for the extra direct cost associated with the onsite training such as student accommodation and food.

Free exams are accessible through the Microsoft CxP (Customer Experience Portal).

Customised and Private classes

A very popular benefit of the ESI programme is that funding even applies to customised training with Readynez, allowing us to tailor the ESI eligible courses for your needs and business requirements for maximum impact with a timing convenient for you. Not only that, dependent on learner origin and fill-rate, we can offer you these private classes for FREE.

Examples of FREE Training classes:

  • Customised or standard 1-day virtual delivery with a minimum of 7 learners from Region 1

  • Customised or standard 2-day virtual delivery with a minimum of 10 learners from Region 1

  • Customised or standard 3-day virtual delivery with a minimum of 15 learners from Region 1

  • Customised or standard 4-day virtual delivery with a minimum of 17 learners from Region 1

As this comes with some moving variables, get in touch with your Account Manager at Readynez to further explore the options.

Here's how it works:

How to get started
We´re here to assist you every step of the way;

  1. Verify your eligibility for the program and the discretionary benefits. Reach out to your primary contact at Microsoft or your Account Manager at Readynez. They will be able to confirm this for you.
  2. Inform Microsoft that you´re engaged with Readynez as your preferred Learning Partner.
  3. Work together with us to build a skilling plan for you that serves as the documentation for the funding request to Microsoft.
  4. Once a request is hopefully approved, we will execute on the skilling plan accordingly.
  5. Sit back and relax. We are seasoned experts with many years of experience in this. We´ll worry about the details and administration, so that you don´t have to.

Plan it to make it work
It might sound obvious, but it is an often neglected part of any upskill project. We're referring to the plan. Just imagine for a second how unlikely it is that you will reach your training goals if you don´t plan what exactly you want to achieve from your training. 

Readynez has worked with many hundreds of companies to sketch out entire learning-, certification- and compliance eco-systems. Please get in touch to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Please don´t hesitate a second to reach out to us for more information - Call +45 88 18 43 20 and we'll connect you with your regional ESI advisory team.

We´re here!

We are excited to hear from you! Whether you have ideas for the podcast, are a potential customer or industry pro, we'd love to be in touch with you. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, feedback or just a quick hello.



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