How Much Does It Cost to Take the CCSP Exam?

  • CCSP Exam Cost
  • Published by: André Hammer on May 05, 2024

Interested in knowing how much the CCSP exam costs? We'll explain the expenses for getting this cybersecurity certification. Whether you're new to this or been around for a while, knowing the money needed for the CCSP exam is crucial for your career growth. Let's look at the specifics of taking this exam and earning a significant qualification in cloud security.

ISC2 CCSP Cost Overview

CCSP Certification Cost Breakdown

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The cost breakdown for the CCSP certification includes:

  • Exam fees

  • Registration fee

  • Retake fees

  • Training courses

  • Study materials

  • Travel and accommodation expenses for training sessions

When assessing the value of getting the CCSP certification, it's important to think about:

  • Career growth

  • Salary prospects

  • Earning potential as a certified cloud security professional

Apart from the exam cost, people should also think about:

  • Annual maintenance fees

  • Membership fees

  • Any financial support or company sponsorship available

The training programs' cost and practice exams, along with:

  • Expertise from training professionals

  • Insights from official training providers, contribute to the overall CCSP training cost

Considering the eligibility requirements, experience, and cybersecurity skills gained through the certification, certified individuals can look forward to:

  • Professional development

  • Enhanced knowledge in information security in the cloud security career path.

CCSP Exam Cost vs. Certification Value

When thinking about the CCSP certification, it's important to consider both the exam cost and its value in the job market.

The investment includes study materials, training courses, registration and exam fees. These costs need to be balanced against potential salary prospects and career growth as a certified cloud security professional.

Other expenses to consider are self-study options, travel, accommodation, and retake fees. Annual maintenance fees, membership fees, and other costs for maintaining the certification should also be factored in.

To effectively plan and budget, explore financial aid, company sponsorships, scholarships, and training providers for insights.

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is increasing, and a CCSP certification can lead to promising job opportunities.

Factors Affecting CCSP Exam Cost

Training Cost

When thinking about CCSP certification training costs, individuals should consider:

  • Exam fees

  • Registration fees

  • Retake fees

  • Cost of study materials like online courses and guides

Also, remember to include:

  • Training courses

  • Travel and accommodation expenses

  • Financial aid options like scholarships or company sponsorship

Additionally, think about:

  • Annual maintenance fees

  • Membership fees for certified individuals

To plan effectively, research:

  • Official training providers

  • Training experts

  • Additional costs like exam retake fees

Investing in a thorough training program can:

  • Improve expertise

  • Increase earning potential in cybersecurity.

Additional Costs to Consider

Candidates pursuing the CCSP certification should consider extra costs apart from exam fees. These include expenses for study materials, training courses, registration fees, and possible retake fees.

Training experts suggest factoring in travel and accommodation costs for in-person training. Scholarships, financial aid, or company sponsorship could help offset some expenses. Certified individuals also need to budget for annual maintenance and membership fees.

In addition to online courses and study guides, candidates may need to pay for practice exams to improve their skills. The investment in CCSP training is a necessary step in advancing a cloud security career.

Understanding the full scope of potential additional costs helps candidates plan their budget well and be fully prepared for the financial side of becoming a certified cloud security professional.

Planning Your Budget for CCSP Exam

Resource Allocation for Exam Preparation

Preparing for the CCSP certification involves considering different factors. These include exam fees, registration fees, retake fees, and the cost of study materials like online courses, study guides, and practice exams. Individuals can choose between self-study or training courses conducted by experts to improve their preparation. Travel and accommodation costs for training sessions should also be considered.

Financial aid, company sponsorships, scholarships, or other assistance can help lessen expenses. Certified cloud security professionals must pay annual maintenance and membership fees. Investing in a comprehensive training program covering cloud security, information security, and cyber security is crucial to meet ISC2 certification requirements. This investment not only boosts salary prospects, career growth, and professional development but also increases the earning potential of cybersecurity professionals.

Renewal Fee for CCSP Certification

CCSP certification requires an annual renewal fee. This fee is apart from the initial exam fees. It is essential for maintaining certification status. Certified individuals need to budget for this fee. There are additional costs to consider like study materials and training courses to stay updated with cyber security trends. Some companies might offer financial aid or sponsorship for these fees.

By budgeting for these costs, professionals can ensure continuous expertise growth in the field of cloud security. They can enhance their career and earning potential.

CCSP Exam Registration and Scheduling

Available Batches and Dates

The CCSP exam has multiple batches available throughout the year. Candidates can choose from these batches which are scheduled on different dates to suit their schedules.

Checking the specific timelines for registering for these exam batches is important as they may vary based on the training provider or official exam schedule. Candidates should also consider the exam fees, including registration fees and potential retake fees, when planning their investment in the CCSP certification.

Additional costs like study materials, training courses, and travel and accommodation for training sessions should be taken into account. With the support of training experts and self-study options, individuals can prepare for the exam and meet the expertise and experience requirements to become an ISC2 certified Cloud Security Professional.

Certification holders can benefit from career growth, improved salary prospects, and increased earning potential in the cybersecurity field.

Getting a Quote for CCSP Exam Cost

The cost of the CCSP exam includes a registration fee. This fee can vary from moderate to high depending on the training provider. It covers study materials, training courses, and practice exams.

Additional expenses may arise from travel and accommodation for training or the exam. Budgeting should also consider exam retake fees. Certified individuals need to account for annual maintenance and membership fees to keep their certification.

Investing in CCSP certification may seem costly, but it offers significant career benefits in cloud security. Certified professionals have better salary prospects, career growth opportunities, and higher earning potential. Employers value certified cloud security experts, showing the importance of the CCSP training programme in today's cybersecurity industry.

Final thoughts

The cost to take the CCSP exam can vary.

  • For (ISC)² members, the exam fee is £450.

  • For non-members, the fee is £525.

Additional costs may include study materials, training courses, and exam retakes if needed.

Remember to budget for these costs when aiming for the CCSP certification.

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What is the cost of taking the CCSP exam?

The cost of taking the CCSP exam is $549 for the exam voucher. Additional study materials or training courses may incur extra costs.

Are there any additional fees associated with the CCSP exam?

Yes, there is an exam fee associated with the CCSP exam. The cost varies depending on your location and currency. Additionally, retaking the exam incurs a fee per attempt.

Do the exam fees vary depending on the location?

Yes, exam fees may vary depending on the location. For example, exams held in major cities may have higher fees compared to exams in smaller towns. It is recommended to check the specific fees for your desired exam location.

Is there a discount available for students or members of certain organisations?

Yes, students with a valid student ID and members of certain organisations may be eligible for a discount. For example, students can save 10% off their purchase by showing their student ID at checkout. Contact us for more information on specific discounts available.

Are there any options for financial assistance to help cover the cost of the CCSP exam?

Yes, eligible candidates may apply for financial assistance through the Cisco Learning Credits program or seek scholarships from organizations like ² or CompTIA. Additionally, some employers may provide assistance with exam fees.

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