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Your complete guide to the IAPP CIPT Certification

jan 2021 av MARIA FORSBERG

Data Privacy is a very hot topic for cybersecurity professionals, but as regulators continue to find breaches it would seem that many companies fall short, when it comes to keeping up in this particular area of information security.

Legislators come down hard on those who violate data privacy regulations and that will no doubt keep pushing data privacy to the top of everyone's agendas in the years to come. That presents a huge opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to renew their commitment in this field and to do just that, as most of us will turn to the IAPP CIPT Certification.

What is the CIPT Certification?

The CIPT certification was created by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) in 2014 and it has just been revamped with more than 50% new questions in the exam, so even if you´re currently a holder of the coveted certification, you may still want to look into the new CIPT certification.

The IAPP CIPT is quite unique in its practical hands-on approach to privacy and information security. The main focus is on the implementation of privacy in day-to-day operations and it is perfect for practitioners looking for skills to better apply compliance and risk mitigation strategies.

CIPT Prerequisites

While there are no firm prerequisites for the CIPT certification, we do however recommend that you have knowledge of networking and privacy before you start preparing for the CIPT. 

That said, it is really open to many different technology areas but it is especially suited for those in IT, Infosec, software engineering and privacy, who would all benefit from this certification.

How to get prepared for the certification

The CIPT exam is challenging and many first-timers will trip unless they get some proper instructor-led preparation.

Look for official training where the instructors are aware of the areas covered in the exam and where the training includes the official exam and study materials. During the training, you will work with real-world scenarios as well as practice exams.

It’s harsh, but we may as well tell it like it is: You will not stand a chance at the exam unless you learn how to apply the theoretical principles first-hand before you take the test.

About the CIPT Exam

You can sit your exam as part of your training programme or if you train in the virtual classroom, you can even sit the exam from home.

The exam highlights all 7 areas of concentration:

  • Understanding the need for privacy in the IT environment
  • Core privacy concepts
  • Privacy considerations in the information lifecycle
  • Privacy in systems and applications
  • Privacy techniques
  • Online privacy issues
  • Technologies with privacy considerations

Questions are scored differently, but you will need a score of 300 of 500 to pass. After you take the exam, it can take up to 6 weeks for IAPP to process your exam.

When you have passed your CIPT exam, you are officially certified and you will be the proud holder of this global credential. To maintain it, you will need to complete 20 CPEs every 2 years. Just get in touch with us to learn more about maintaining your CIPT Certification.

Are you ready to propel your data privacy career into excellence? Then the CIPT is for you: 





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