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How Consultants save 80% of time spent on Certification!

2020 has inspired many businesses to re-examine how they work, also how they train and certify: The accelerating digital transformation is adding pressure to transform old ways for the better.

That’s why leading ERP consultancy BDL A/S chooses the Certification fast tracks for future-ready performance. 


BDL has been operating in the Nordic ERP market for over 15 years and they are renowned for their broad and deep understanding of the ways that business needs and ERP intersect, resulting in best of breed value-adding solutions. For them, skills and certification are fundamental assets, and the new speed of certification has been a breakthrough:

Watch this short video, where BDL’s Peter Steen Christensen uncovers their secret to Microsoft certification in 1 day instead of 5!


Två personer övervakar system för säkerhetsintrång

Unlimited Security Training

obegränsad tillgång till ALLA LIVE instruktörsledda säkerhetskurser du vill ha - allt till priset av mindre än en kurs.

  • 60+ LIVE instruktörsledda kurser
  • Money-back Garanti
  • Tillgång till 50+ erfarna instruktörer
  • Utbildad 50 000+ IT-proffs

3 Tips to get prepared


Latest resources, technology and programs for all our candidates.


Educate and create a security culture.


Address communications with clients, employees, suppliers, media and regulatory bodies.

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