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Blog: Kevin Henry - Success!

En grupp människor som diskuterar spännande IT-ämnen

Meet Kevin Henry:

Your instructor has probably taught more IT-Security students than anyone else in the world and helped thousands of people prepare for the examination. As the former co-chair of the ISC2 CISSP CBK, he will provide you with valuable insight into the do's and don'ts of Security training and provide tips on how to plan your own training roadmap. 

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Ambition is a good character trait and we need people that are always pushing themselves and expanding into new areas. I have been very fortunate – to have a good life, good family and friends. Many people ask how can they do what I do? What is the secret?

It is simple.

Much of my success has come from volunteering and just having an unselfish attitude. Doing something that has no promise or expectation of reward. Helping out anywhere I can, in any way I can. Volunteer to sit on the Board of your local Information Security association – ISC2 chapter, ISACA chapter, OWASP, ISSA – most of these Boards are looking for volunteers that are willing to help out and do the thankless jobs of organizing, setting-up, administration, and many other small tasks that result in a good event for the attendees.

To be a good volunteer you need an ‘eye’ for what needs to be done. To see the opportunity and then just quietly do it. Do not brag about it or complain that no one else is helping. Just do what you can. Do not try to do more than you can handle. Make life pleasant for others.

This is a secret at work too. Be the one to help out, contribute, be a team player. And moreover, do things that require you to stretch your knowledge and reach out of your comfort zone. Know when to speak, when to be quiet, when to stand up and when to sit down. Never lose your hunger to grow, learn and develop. 

I think you will find that great things will start coming your way - I wish you all the best as you pursue success and may your life be one of great joy and satisfaction.



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