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How Cybersecurity people match the evolution of Skills in the criminal world

Daniel Lawrence - Global Head of CTI - Computacenter

Season 1

Episode 3

How Cybersecurity people match the evolution of Skills in the criminal world, with Dan Lawrence from Computacenter


In this episode, Frank is speaking with Dan Lawrence from Computacenter. Dan is a senior security leader with a wealth of demonstratable experience across a broad range of security functions. During his 30 year! career with both public and private sector organizations he has been protecting businesses and customers from IT related threats, harm and risks. 

Dan's long career started in the UK police, and he is now with Computacentre. Dan champions foresight over insight, and specializes in minimizing the impact from harm.

The conversation touches on these subjects:

Security is a core part of any business
Dan feels that Cybersecurity skills are central to all organizations today. The number of risks and attacks is growing daily and with IT Transformations come Cybersecurity concerns and the need for updated and current Skills.  

The special thing about Cybersecurity is the urgent call to keep up with the evolution of Skills in the criminal world.

As a business it is simply not an option to fall behind, because the consequence of that is not only missed opportunity, you could also be risking an attack that basically cripples your whole business in minutes.

How big is the problem with acquiring digital Skills for cybersecurity
In Dan's experience, the market is super competitive, there are more vacant positions than there are candidates, and recruiters are doing the very best that they can to make employers attractive. Expectations for salary are very high, and most candidates won't even have ALL the skills you need.

That inbalance makes it interesting to train your own Experts. Especially since Cybersecurity is a lot about the personal traits. Being curious and stubborn enough to keep looking for the abnormal. The technical skills can be taught.

Likely the demand for specialized Cybersecurity skills will always be higher than the supply. Cybercrime is evolving and more and more crime will happen. Cybercriminals share knowledge. You now get DDoS as a service; it is readily available.

These organized crime units are businesses now. They have HR organizations, and they ask for feedback after an attack. Cybercrime is a war between the attacker and the defender.

As they say, The defender has to get lucky every time. The attacker has to get lucky just once. 75% of weapons are designed for that one attack, making it harder to see trends and patterns. 

It’s really a war between good and bad - who has the skills to outwit the other?

The Know your Skills Quiz
How does a pro such as Dan do on the Quiz? You'll need to listen to learn some very surprising fun facts around these questions for instance: 

- Which sector was the most targeted in 2021?
- How many cyber-attacks were distributed via email in 221?

Click the Play button in the image at the top of this page to learn how a Top Pro such as Dan makes cybersecurity skills work, and get in touch with Readynez at podcast@readynez.com to join the conversation.



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Dan Lawrence


Dan is accountable for the leadership and management of a global team of cyber security experts to identify and evaluate cyber threats facing Computacenter. .

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