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Gennem mange års erfaring med flere end 1000 af verdens topvirksomheder, har vi udviklet Readynez-metoden til læring
Træn indenfor enhver teknologi med den prisvindende Readynez-metode, og kombiner enhver variation af lærings format, teknologi og sted for at undgå The Great Training Robbery og få resultater med Skills.

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Marcos Feliciano


Working as an IT professional since 2001, Marcos has worked with many multinationals in many IT departments such as communication technologies, field tech teams management, international project management, and others.

In 2013 after working with Microsoft for a couple years, Marcos left to engage in the training department and since then is very active in training, delivering training for many different Microsoft Training Centers in Europe; North, Central and South America, delivering training in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

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