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Marc Michault

#Microsoft #Enterprisetech

Marc has been training clients in Microsoft enterprise technologies for about twenty years, and has vast experience with demonstrating and implementing Microsoft's latest enterprise technologies for both small and large enterprises.

Marc is a dedicated trainer at heart and thrives with ensuring the technical readiness of Microsoft Partners on upcoming solutions, in collaboration with different Microsoft subsidiaries.

He refers to himself as a perfect example of the “Alpine Geek” (Nerdus Alpinus), having delivered courses in two languages and multiple countries for over twenty years, but living in a three-hundred year old chalet in the Swiss Alps that only got broadband Internet in 2009.

He often works with Microsoft subsidiaries, particularly around Partner Readiness, and has presented at various Microsoft events (TechED, TechDays, MCT Summits). He currently serves the Microsoft Certified Trainer community as the MCT Regional Lead for Switzerland.

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