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Gennem mange års erfaring med flere end 1000 af verdens topvirksomheder, har vi udviklet Readynez-metoden til læring
Træn indenfor enhver teknologi med den prisvindende Readynez-metode, og kombiner enhver variation af lærings format, teknologi og sted for at undgå The Great Training Robbery og få resultater med Skills.

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The 6 Proven Ways to a CISSP Certification

How to get your boss to pay for your CISSP Certification

In this ebook, we've shared a tried & tested approach that our students at Readynez take to convince their employers to pay for their certification. We will tell you why your company should make this investment in you (so that you don't feel like they are doing you a favor), and also how you can make the power move. We will delve into the finest details, leaving you nothing to chance. At the end of this resource, we've also included a template for an email pitch that your boss cannot refuse.

  • Address the elephant in the room - Convincing your boss that's it's for the great good of the organization
  • Fist things first - Ask Yourself, Why CISSP?
  • Assure them - benefits far outweigh the costs



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