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Smarta investeringar i människor och färdigheter kommer att förstärka din verksamhet och göra det möjligt för dig att uppnå vad som helst. Forma din framtid och täpp igen era mest komplexa kunskapsluckor med hjälp av en fokuserad lösning och ett omfattande utbildningsprogram för kandidater som kommer att vända spelet till er fördel. Se hur.

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Jag är en framåtdrivande ledare som söker en talangfull kandidat

Jag är en ambitiös kandidat som söker ett spännande jobb

The Programme
Readynez Talent: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer programme is a completely new way of closing the skills gap. It´s a complete Training programme designed specifically to get you a highly skilled NAV Developer ready to add value with knowledge – in no time and without any hassle.

Grow your business with a NAV Developer candidate
Readynez Talent: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer candidates challenge habits, push innovation into cultures and discover new solutions. They are ambitious, committed and flexible and they support an attitude that fuels growth.

And don’t forget, your Readynez Talent programme is all inclusive. We’ll recruit the perfect candidate for you. We’ll train your new employee into a highly skilled, fully-productive and value-adding Data Scientist in no time. Plus we´ll give you the tools you´ll need for a seamless and successful retention process of the candidates. Or, if you already have a candidate in mind, they´re more than welcome to join the training programme as well.



Readynez Talent: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and 365 Business Central - Developer


SEK 89.900 EX VAT


3-5 månader


  • ERP Introduction
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Introduction
  • Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and 365 Business Central
  • Value Creating Consultant
  • Project Management Essentials

Program Overview

In just a few months, this programme will train your Talent candidate into a certified and fully productive IT professional, ready to create value for your customers and your business. These are the components of the training programme:

Module 1

ERP Introduction

This course is the initial course in the series of Readynez Talent courses. The course is intended for the delegate fresh out of university and serves as an introduction to the work and challenges as a consultant. We will look at the different consultant types and list the skills necessary to work as foe example a business consultant, a developer or a project manager.


Instructor led training


2 dagar

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Introduction

Examine the basic concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and see how to navigate the software, as you learn how to personalize the user interface. Explore typical user tasks in common application areas, such as Finance, Inventory, Purchases, and Sales.

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Instructor led training


2 dagar

During the two days course, we will go through the following subjects:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV as an ERP system
  • User interface
  • User personalization
  • Basic functionalities
  • Master data for the sales and purchase process
  • Process sales and purchases
  • Technology overview
  • Browse application areas


Module 2

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and 365 Business Central

Kursen i Developing Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and 365 Business Central hos Readynez ger dig mer mer värde och fler utbildningstimmar än någon annan leverantör. Dessutom tillhandahåller vi ett allt-inkluderat utbildningspaket utan dolda kostnader.


Instructor led training


6 dagar

Module 3

Value Creating Consultant

In this module your candidates will learn the commercial and personal skills that will be invaluable when meeting customers and internal stakeholders and teammates as well.


Instructor led training


2 dagar

Project Management Essentials

På den här kursen lär du dig grunderna i projektledning, det vill säga det väsentliga – och du lär dig dessutom vad Lean, Gantt, Scrum och andra termer inom projekthantering innebär.


Instructor led training


2 dagar

"If we only take the salary into consideration, then we have break even on our investment in the Academy candidate within 5 months."


Peter Linnet - Manager

"You can put it like this, you either close or you grow in our market."


Kenn Buhl - Director

"The two candidates were already being productive, ready to meet customers and organize workshops when they had completed their 3-month Academy program."


Pia Tasior - HR & Communications Manager

"It's one of the best hires of my 25 years as a CEO."


Jesper Bergstedt - CEO

"Within 12 months they´ve developed into consultants equal to their senior colleagues and we fully expect that most of them will continue their development and become among our best senior consultants."


Tina Bodin - HR Director

"It took Henrik just 2 weeks to be able to deliver billable hours and within 4 months, we had a positive return on our investment. Of course there is still much to learn, but he also makes a significant contribution."


Ulrik Knudsen - Director

"The candidates we met were brilliant! They had a very special kind of energy and drive. We´ve found that within 6-10 months of employment, the young Academy graduates are charging hours at the same rate as their more senior colleagues."


Søren Billeskov - Head of Talent Management

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With us you'll find 350+ accelerated course- and certification programmes and we can train talent in every single one. Whatever your chosen technology, we'll create your experts.


Billable hours

Readynez candidates are quickly ready to deliver value. Within a year the candidates are, on average, billing 70% or more of their time to customers.


Stay in their first job

We've currently recruited and trained more than 300 candidates and when we asked them after two years of employment, 97% of them had stayed on with the original employer.

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