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En fokusert rekrutteringsløsning og et omfattende opplæringsprogram. Vi gjør kandidater klar til å hurtigstarte sine karrierer innenfor IT og vi gjør arbeidsgivere klar for fremtiden med de raskeste og mest kostnadseffektive metodene for å styrke teamene deres.

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You’re facing the road ahead wondering what the future will bring you. You may already be a master of IT or maybe engineering or business is more your thing. Regardless of what is behind you, the ride forward will be bumpy and success will be earned. Choose a strong road, get yourself in the lead and exceed your own limits - and you will fly over the bumps. The IT-industry is a strong road. In fact, there has never been a better time to get into IT. The industry is booming and crying out for talent. If you want to work in a fast-paced, international environment, for some of the best companies in the country, collaborating with diverse and ambitious people who thrive on making a real difference, Readynez Academy is your fastest and most certain way to get there. You get employed, You get trained and certified and you get ready for a rewarding career in the IT industry.


When you join Readynez Academy, you get access to focused recruitment solutions and comprehensive education programmes. In the minimum amount of time and regardless of your educational background, we turn you
into a highly skilled and certified IT specialist with value-adding professional and personal skills. You get employed.

You get trained and certified in specific and relevant technology by the most competent instructors in the business - at no cost to you. You get paid from the start and you obtain universal and portable IT and consulting skills providing you with career security.

Why the IT Industry

Seize the opportunity. The industry is booming and demand for talent has never been higher. Innovations, changes and a shortage of talent are creating great opportunities for people from all backgrounds and with all varying skills to work on international projects for some of the best companies in the world.
Be a game-changer. IT professionals are ingrained into a culture of change and growth and their work environment often becomes the place where new and inventive concepts take shape.
Be a game-changer. According to a survey by, IT businesses account for 50% of the Danish businesses with the most satisfied employees.
Earn a higher salary. The work of IT professionals is necessary and requires particular skills that are scarce and in high demand. That makes IT people some of the most well-paid professionals of any industry.
Expand your world.. The IT industry overlaps with pretty much every other industry, allowing you to combine it with your passion in other areas and leaving your with a vast amount of career choices.

Why Readynez

You get a job. We have a long list of great jobs with fantastic businesses. Through our Academy and Consulting recruitment programmes, we match you with employers, so you can sit back and wait for your career to kick off. You get paid. You will be paid a salary from day one and you will receive ongoing training by us, turning you into a highly skilled and value-creating IT professional - at no cost to you.
You get paid. Your new employer will pay you a salary from day one and will also fund your training with us, turning you into a highly skilled and valuecreating IT professional.
You get trained and certified. During the first months of your new employment, you will be enrolled in a targeted training programme alternating between training by the most expert instructors in the world and practical experience in your job, providing you with the skills and accreditations you will need to succeed in you new career.
You get a career.The training you receive on our programmes is recognized globally throughout the IT industry setting you up for a long term career with a multitude of opportunities.
We help you get there. We share your ambition and we know you have what it takes to achieve it. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to your employment and training , guiding you on the right path and encouraging you for every step you take.

"I think that the vast majority of higher education has processed data in databases or coded a bit, as part of their training, so the step to an IT career is probably less than you think."


Toke Fogh - IT-developer

"Do not be so nervous to jump into it, it takes time and it is a long term investment in yourself, but it's worth it. I have unlimited opportunities in my career now, and the future looks very exciting."


Mads Svendsen - AX-consultant

"It simply builds a bridge between being a student and getting out into the labor market and start to contribute value to a business."


Thea Renneberg - IT-developer

The Readynez Package

When you launch your career with Readynez Academy, you get employed, and you get trained and certified in relevant technologies by the most competent instructors in the business - at no cost to you. You get paid from the start and you obtain universal and portable IT and consulting skills providing you with career security. Regardless of your educational background.


We´ll get you prepared for the future with fast access to the skills you need to succeed in your career.
Using our unique model of accelerated training we´ll train you to become a certified and fully productive IT professional in no time.


We expect that you have a higher education and that you´re highly motivated to take on this challenge. In return, you´ll get a career that most can only dream of.
We have no doubt that this will be the most agile and personal recruitment experience that you´ll ever encounter.


The Readynez Onboarding toolbox that helps your new employer with a set of tools that will help you meet eachothers expectations and help you become a productive and valued member of your team quickly.

We have prepared many young graduates for their future. Lets talk about yours.

How to apply

You have a higher education and you like the sound of Readynez Academy, now all you need to do is check out the current opportunities on our job list.

Get headhunted – Many of the job openings get filled directly from our candidate database before they're even advertised. So we recommed that you apply to be added to our database. Click “Apply” at the top of this page and fill in the simple form and get your career off to a flying start.


  • Lead Developer

Are you Ready? The IT business is offering you the hottest career of our time.


  • 3-5 months

Data Science Professional Degree

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