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The highest quality teaching in the industry delivered through our unique accelerated learning methodology. Expert instructors allow students to receive and retain maximum knowledge in minimum time in a distraction-free environment.

About our Talent Services

You want new efficiencies, new opportunities and growth from technology, and you will need skills to get them. With Readynez Talent Services you will answer real and burning business challenges. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner of the year global finalist award for helping businesses transform and achieve remarkable results.

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We believe the future belongs to those who are ready for it.

What we do

Since 2001, we have been enabling digital transformation with cutting-edge Training, Talent and Learning Services in every type of business – big and small. All over the world.

With Readynez you will advance faster and gain more from your investments in transformation with targeted training, recruitment of fresh talent, plus role-based learner tracks and learner insights.

How we do it

Training - Stand Up To Change

Be a training rebel.

With Training, our unique accelerated learning methodology offers you maximum knowledge within minimum time in a distraction-free environment. 
With expertise in more than 40 technologies, we will make you able.
Readynez is creating opportunities for growing businesses and individuals anywhere in the world with expert Instructors, who are ahead of the game and work directly with technology leaders even before products are brought to market. That´s how you stand up to change.

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Talent – Face your resource gap

Take control.

When you want to face your resource gaps, the Talent Services will make you a game-changer. Shape your future and manage your competencies and resource demands . We are passionate about what we do and we are ready to take om any challenge to tackle even the most complex resource gaps. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Global Microsoft Learning Partner of the year finalist award for our work that helps businesses transform and achieve remarkable results. 

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Learning Services – Transform with insights

Request transparency.

You invest a lot of money and time on training and skills development, so you want complete transparency when it comes to the return on your investment.
Readynez gives you that transparency and control. You can discover your spend in different slices, you´ll see when certifications are up for renewal and you´ll gain every insight that enables you to make smart choices, and keeps you ready to answer any KPI question from other stakeholders.

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Our Management

We believe the future belongs to those who are ready for it. That’s why we´ve chosen a highly agile organizational structure that cuts through the complexity of the businesses we manage and keeps us ready for anything. We are optimally organized for both today and tomorrow as we remain dedicated to developing our brand and our customers. We’re privileged to work together as a team of dedicated individuals whose solutions help our customers get ready for the future. Meet our management team below:

Frank Højgaard

CEO and Partner

Frank is a Challenger and an inspiration to his team, his customers and his industry. Frank has extensive experience in the Training industry and has held leading positions with other Training suppliers in several different European countries.

Rickard Hagenstam

COO and Partner

Rickard is our highly treasured pacesetter, who´s always committed to ensuring the highest possible level of quality for our customers. Rickard has been with Readynez since the beginning and was before then employed with great success in several managerial positions in the IT- and education industry.

Our History

We dedicate our work to form the brightest minds to create better solutions for stronger businesses. We have done so since 2001 and have trained, certified and prepared thousands of people for the future.

This is our Story.


We´re off to an amazing 2018 as we continue to grow our business and empower you to free your potential with the most innovative Training-, Talent-, and Learning services that you will ever find.
This year we´ve so far merged the Academy and Consulting services and developed a whole new set of Learning Services that will give you complete transparency. We´ve also changed our name to Readynez, so that our name better fits the company we have become. And, we have increased our staff even further to keep up with demand and make you ready for the future.


2016 is looking to be another record breaking year. To better serve our increasing number of valued customers, we´re growing our teams of education consultants in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


We´ve continued to grow in 2014 and have been awarded the Gazelle Prize in Denmark once again. We´ve also expanded with a new office in Stockholm, Sweden and an entirely new product in our business: the Readynez Academy which has had an excellent start and strong media interest.


Demand for Readynez's accelerated learning surpasses all expectations and we are growing again in 2012. We certify more people than ever at our training centre Sundsgården , which has been completely reburbished and has had even more rooms and training rooms added. Our Nordic headquarters have again moved to new larger premises to make room for many new employees.


Accelerated learning receives a fantastic response from the Nordic market and we are awarded our 1st of 5 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year awards in Denmark. The intensive, focused and certification-driven concept is well-received. We continue to grow rapidly and develop the product portfolio, with new, interesting course and certification programmes in Oracle, VMware, ISEB and Six Sigma, to name a few.


In 2019, Readynez has already become a household name and we´ve expanded even more since we rebranded in 2018. We´ve launched around 100 new course- and certification programmes and added even more exciting services to our portfolio, that will enable your business to achieve anything.
We´ve moved offices in Stockholm to accommodate a larger team of people to facilitate digital change with our customers and we´ve also been awarded the “Great Place to Work” award once again and remain at the very top of great workplaces.


We´re starting the year with 8 new hires who will be supporting our customers from our Nordic offices. We´ve also launched Readynez Consulting, which challenges the rigid Consulting solutions of the past and our new website which will give our visitors a much better idea of who we are and what we believe. Plus, we´ve moved our Training Centre to the beautiful Örenäs Slott and we can´t wait to show you.


In 2015 we have continued to grow. We are very pleased and proud of the trust our customers and partners are continously showing us and which allows us to create good results for both ourselves and our customers. In 2015, we´ve won Microsoft Learning Partner of the year in Denmark for the fifth time.


Readynez keeps growing in 2013 and has been awarded Borsens Gazelle prize as the winner of the Sealand Region with an impressive 1430% growth. And just when we thought it couldn´t get any better, we were awarded the Learning Partner of the Year Award by Microsoft Denmark for the 4th consecutive year.


Readynez has a fantastic 2011, with strong growth which at the end of the year is also manifested by Microsoft Denmark’s repeated naming of Readynez Training as “Learning Partner of the Year” – for the second straight year!

Our Awards

We´re proud to say, that our unique training method has won us not only the trust and respect of our customers and partners, but also numerous highly prestigious awards in recognition of our quality training, among them the following.

Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist 2017

we are extremely humble and proud that we have been selected among more than 2,800 partners worldwide as a finalist for Microsoft's Global Learning Award Partner of the Year. This time we have been recognized for our efforts in digital transformation.

Great Place to Work

We´ve known it all along, and we think our customers have noticed too, but now it’s official. Readynez is still among the top 20 Great Places to Work and we have been for the last 3 consecutive years.

5 times Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year

Readynez has been named Learning Partner of the Year by Microsoft Denmark five times as the first and only learning partner, ever! Criteria for the award take in to consideration customer satisfaction, growth and skills development.

Gazelle Awards

We are very happy and proud that we have been awarded the Børsen Gazelle prize in both 2013 and 2014. In 2013 we were the winners of the Sealand Region with an impressive 1430% Growth and so we join the proud list of high growth companies in Denmark's business elite.


Our unique accelerated learning methodology offers you maximum knowledge within minimum time in a distraction-free environment. We trust you´ll enjoy the ride, exceed limits and achieve outstanding results when you´re staying with us and we´ll be doing our very best to make your stay with us a comfortable and memorable one. With us by your side, you will be stronger, wiser and prepared for your future in no time.

Training centres

Readynez Training Centre

Örenäs Slott - our main Nordic Training Centre - sits on the coast of Skåne Sweden, offering a direct view to Denmark and the isle of Ven. The environment offers gorgeous views and the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in your training experience. We trust you´ll enjoy the ride, exceed limits and achieve outstanding results when you´re staying with us and we´ll be doing our very best to make your stay with us a comfortable and memorable one.

Our unique accelerated learning methodology offers you maximum knowledge within minimum time in a distraction-free environment.

Committed onsite support, access to your classroom at all hours, and inspiration from a network of likeminded people are just a few of the things we provide, as we do everything we can to create the perfect conditions for you to acquire new skills and get certified.

You´ll be staying in a comfortable single room with private bathroom facilities and all amenities taken care of.

Your training days start with a full breakfast in the dining room. Mornings and afternoons, good coffee will be served. Later, lunch is served and in the evening, you will enjoy your dinner as the sun sets over Denmark.

With us by your side, you will be stronger, wiser and prepared for your future in no time.

Please have a look at the images and video here and do come see for yourself.


Örenäs Slott, Ålabodsvägen 193
261 63 Glumslöv. Sweden


You can train with Readynez on several Nordic and European locations. Wherever you are in the world, experience a distraction-free environment by staying in one of our purpose-built training centres. Get high quality accelerated training delivered by industry-experienced professionals. Plus, our all-inclusive training covers all accommodation, meals, courseware and exams, when possible.


Konferencecenter Garder
Balder Allé 2, 2065 Ullensaker


Gällöfsta Konferens & Herrgård
Gällöfstavägen 54, 196 92 Kungsängen

Örenäs Slott Training Centre

Örenäs Slott, Ålabodsvägen 193
261 63 Glumslöv. Sweden


Ramsinniementie Centre
Furuborginkatu 3, 00980 Helsinki


De Ruwenberg Hotel
Ruwenbergstraat 7, 5271 AG Sint-Michielsgestel,


Skoleholmen 19 - 21
2670 Greve


Finnstown Country House Hotel
Newcastle Rd, Finnstown, Lucan, Co. Dublin,


650 Dixon Rd
ON M9W 1J1

United Kingdom

Warwick Conferences
Scarman Road

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