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You want new efficiencies, new opportunities and growth from technology, and you will need skills to get them. With Readynez Talent Services you will answer real and burning business challenges. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner of the year global finalist award for helping businesses transform and achieve remarkable results.

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We expect that you have a higher education and that you're highly motivated to take on this challenge. In return, you´ll get a career that most can only dream of. We have no doubt that this will be the most agile and personal recruitment experience that you'll ever encounter.

We have a long list of great jobs with amazing organizations. Through our Talent and Learning Services, we match you with employers, so you can sit back and wait for your career to kick off. You get paid from day one and you will receive ongoing training by us, turning you into a highly skilled and value-creating IT professional - at no cost to you.

We're looking for candidates of any educational background and any set of skills to work on international projects for some of the greatest companies in the world.


This is it: You upload your CV, we meet on Skype, you interview and the job can be yours.

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