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You want new efficiencies, new opportunities and growth from technology, and you will need skills to get them. With Readynez Talent Services you will answer real and burning business challenges. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner of the year global finalist award for helping businesses transform and achieve remarkable results.

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Our highly skilled recruitment consultants are dedicated to taking the hazzle out of recruitment for you. We specialize in recruitment of young talent for the IT industry. It´s what we do and we know what it takes to hire and retain graduates that will help your business grow.

We recruit the IT professionals of the future
These candidates are fast movers and they need more information and faster decisions than your average candidate does. In other words, these candidates do not wait around for your phone call. So you´ll be happy to know that we´ll take care of everything so you can just enjoy the process, which will much likely be faster and more agile than you´re used to.

The entire recruitment process is based on a close collaboration, where you are continuously invited to contribute, and your quick feedback is central to a a good recruitment process. Quick decision making and an agile approach is crucial to success.

"It's one of the best hires of my 25 years as a CEO."


Jesper Bergstedt - CEO

"The candidates we met were brilliant! They had a very special kind of energy and drive. We´ve found that within 6-10 months of employment, the young Academy graduates are charging hours at the same rate as their more senior colleagues."


Søren Billeskov - Head of Talent Management

"It took Henrik just 2 weeks to be able to deliver billable hours and within 4 months, we had a positive return on our investment. Of course there is still much to learn, but he also makes a significant contribution."


Ulrik Knudsen - Director


Readynez Recruitment process

    Interview. We begin with an interview where we ask you about a number of key things that are important for recent graduates when considering whether your business is right for their career.
    Job ad. Once we get a good understanding of what competencies you need, we write your competence requirements into a job advertisement that clearly communicates what you expect and what you have to offer.
    Advertisement. Onve you´ve approved the ad, we start targeted advertisement in relevant contexts. In Social media, in jobsites, at events and in our networks.
    Interview and test. As the CV´s start coming in to our CV database, we´ll pick the best candidates and present them to you.
    Presentation and choice. When we´ve hand-picked the most talented of the candidates together, we will interview and test them so that we can have an objective assessment before you make your final selection. We wll handle all the communication, so you won´t need to concern yourself with anything other than making the right choice.

Readynez Recruitment facts



We´ve recruited and trained more than 300 recently graduated candidates, who are currently creating value in companies similar to yours.


Different educational backgrounds

Academy candidates have been recruited from more than 40 different educational backgrounds, and experience shows that they do equally well in their new careers.


Hire more

50% of the companies who hire an Academy candidate decide to hire more candidates than initially planned, once they see the CV´s of available candidates.

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