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You want new efficiencies, new opportunities and growth from technology, and you will need skills to get them. With Readynez Talent Services you will answer real and burning business challenges. No wonder we’ve been awarded the Microsoft Learning Partner of the year global finalist award for helping businesses transform and achieve remarkable results.

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With our proven onboarding services, you´ll get a structured way to develop your new employee into a fully contributing team member. Don’t do the common mistake of disregarding the onboarding process’ importance when it comes to young graduates.

We´ll help you with the onboarding of your new talent
One of the most fundamental parts of recruiting graduates involves onboarding your Talent candidate onto your organization and retaining them long term.

Research shows that you can increase the likelyhood of retaining your new talent in your business by more than 58%, just by focusing on the processes surrounding onboarding.

Retention as a Service
Included in your Readynez package is a toolbox that will help you with onboarding and retention of your talent. Or you can add on our Retention Services, where we assume responsibility for the whole proces. Get in touch with us to learn more about your options.


Recent graduates are quite different from other types of employees, and based on feedback from more than 100 different companies, we´ve developed a set of tools based on our Best Practice.

Talk about the unknown

Be open and specific about your culture and work environment, it helps the graduates to be more confident.

Long term commitment

The graduates are used to a scheduled day, and you can help them thrive when you plan their time and set up clear targets.

Balance ends and means

Your graduates will need to feel succesful. That´s why you will need to focus on what they know and what still remains to be learned to ensure continuous growth and a sense of achievement.

Understand what drives them

Your candidates are highly motivated when they join your company. But to keep them that way, you´ll want to understand what drives them, it will make all the difference to increase their performance.


Make sure you follow up their professional growth continuosly, that will help your graduates feel like their moving ahead in their careers.


Help your candidates to be included in external and internal networks, that will help them be able to contribute.

"It's one of the best hires of my 25 years as a CEO."


Jesper Bergstedt - CEO

"The candidates we met were brilliant! They had a very special kind of energy and drive. We´ve found that within 6-10 months of employment, the young Academy graduates are charging hours at the same rate as their more senior colleagues."


Søren Billeskov - Head of Talent Management

"It took Henrik just 2 weeks to be able to deliver billable hours and within 4 months, we had a positive return on our investment. Of course there is still much to learn, but he also makes a significant contribution."


Ulrik Knudsen - Director


We share your ambition and experience shows that Talent candidates and the Readynez method can help you achieve your goals. All these tools and the specialized Talent training programme will give you a structured process creating your future experts.

Readynez Onboarding Tools

    Your Culture. Dresscode, lunch breaks, flexibility and other subjects that are part of the cultural foundation, will be important for the graduates to understand. They aren´t used to navigating in a professional environment, so they´ll need specific guidance to help them understand all the informal rules of the workplace. That will free energy to be productive.
    Plan. Your graduates are ambitious and they won´t be choosing your company because of the salary. They´ll pick you, if you can offer them a meaningful career. That´s why they´ll be keen to understand exactly where they´re going, how they´ll get there, and who´s going to help them get there. The Academy planning tools will make it easy to define short- and long term goals.
    Competence mapping. When you map the current level of competence and the desired level with Readynez's tools, you will gain an overview of the development areas and an understanding that will help you identify the focus areas and create transparency in relation to your long-term expectations and development.
    Motivation Factors. Your Academy graduates are top motivated from the get go. Throughout their school time, they have been looking forward to the day when they can finally contribute. Your only job is to make sure they remain motivated. Our tools make it easy.
    Reflecting on Development. Your Academy graduates are well educated, but their Academy Education Program will lift them to new heights. An initial competence mapping will make progress visible and measurable, and it will help keep them highly motivated.
    Network. The graduates bring energy and innovation that will impact the entire business positively. Our tools will give you new ideas and plans to help your Academy graduates to acquire the internal and external networks that will increase their chances of contributing and creating value for the business.

Readynez Onboarding Facts


Structured approach

89% of the candidates we've surveyed say that onboarding made a significant difference to their long term retention.


More likely to stay on

According to research, you can increase the likelyhood of new talent staying on for more than 3 years by 58%! Just by having a onboarding process in place.



At a status survey after 24 months of employment, 97% of 200 candidates are still employed with their original employer.

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