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  1. Scope
    1.1 Scope. General terms and conditions of sale ("Terms") apply to all agreements for Readynez’s, CVR 31 74 68 33 ("Readynez"), sale and delivery of Talent as a Service to commercial customers (the "customer").

  2. Basis for the agreement
    2.1 Basis for the agreement. These terms and conditions, together with Readynez's offer, constitute the total contractual basis for Readynez's sale and delivery of Talent as a Service to the customer ("Basis for the agreement"). The customer's terms of purchase printed on orders or otherwise communicated to Readynez do not form part of the Basis for the agreement.
    2.2 Changes and additions. Changes and additions to the Basis for the agreement are only valid if the parties have agreed on them in writing.

  3. Price and payment
    3.1 Price. Prices for services can be found in the signed offer. All prices are excluding VAT.
    3.2 Expenses. Any agreed expenses for food and lodging etc. in connection with the provision of services will be reimbursed by the customer at cost price.
    3.3 Payment. Invoices fall due for payment 30 days after the invoice date.

  4. Late payment
    4.1 Interest. If the customer fails to pay an invoice for services in due time for reasons for which Readynez is not responsible, Readynez will be entitled to interest on the amount due at 1% per month from the due date until payment occurs.
    4.2 Cancellation. If the customer fails to pay a due invoice for services within 14 days after receiving a written demand from Readynez for payment, Readynez will be entitled, in addition to interest according to paragraph 4.1, to: (i) cancel the sale of the services to which the delay relates, (ii) cancel the sale of services that have not yet been delivered to the customer, or require advance payment for such services, and/or (iii) apply other remedies for breach of contract.

  5. Offer
    5.1 Offer. Readynez's offer is valid for 30 days from the date the offer is dated, unless otherwise stated in the offer. An offer acceptance received by Readynez after the expiration of the acceptance deadline is not binding on Readynez, unless Readynez notifies the customer otherwise.

  6. Liability
    6.1 Liability. Each party is responsible for its own actions and omissions in accordance with applicable law, with the limitations arising from the Basis for the agreement.
    6.2 Limitation of liability. Irrespective of any opposing terms in the Basis for the agreement, Readynez's liability to the customer per calendar year cannot exceed a combined maximum of 30% of the net sales of consultancy services that Readynez has invoiced the customer in the immediately preceding calendar year. The limitation of liability does not apply if Readynez has acted intentionally or grossly negligently.
    6.3 Indirect losses. Notwithstanding any conflicting terms in the Basis for the agreement, Readynez is not liable to the Customer for indirect loss, including loss of production, sales, profits, time or goodwill, unless committed intentionally or grossly negligently.
    6.4 Force majeure. Notwithstanding any conflicting terms in Basis for the agreement, Readynez is not liable to the customer for failure to fulfill obligations that may be attributed to force majeure. Exemption from liability exists as long as force majeure exists. Force majeure is circumstances beyond Readynez's control, and which Readynez could not have foreseen when the agreement was concluded. Examples of force majeure are unusual natural events, war, terrorism, fire, flooding, vandalism and labor disputes.

  7. Confidentiality
    7.1 Disclosure and use. The customer may not transfer, use or allow others to use Readynez's trade secrets or other information of any kind that is not publicly available.
    7.2 Protection. The customer may not acquire or attempt to obtain knowledge of or access to Readynez's confidential information in an improper manner. The customer must handle and store the information safely to avoid them accidentally being disclosed to others.

  8. Applicable law and jurisdiction
    8.1 Applicable law. Danish law applies and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.


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