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We chose to send the entire team who work with Dynamics-based projects on the Readynez training. Both salespeople, consultants and developers. We wanted to reach a critical mass of knowledge that could seriously drive the business forward and that has worked!

Visma is one of the Nordic region's largest IT houses with more than 5000 employees distributed across different locations, and all units and Companies are working on streamlining business processes within different industries.

Visma is built on a solid foundation of formalized knowledge and insight into technology combined with a focus on creating value for customers through understanding for their specific processes.

One of the newer products in the portfolio of the Visma Consulting business unit is Microsoft Dynamics (formerly known as Microsoft CRM) and from the start, it was part of the strategy to formalize the skills so that Microsoft partnership could be obtained.

Brian Rosbøg, Business Manager at Visma for Dynamics 365 says: "The Microsoft Partnership was important to us, Because it provides a documentable level of competence. In some customer segments it is a real competitive parameter, and Customers generally ask for good CVs with the consultants, and here there´s no way around certification."

As the competencies of the Dynamics team were formalized, there was a wish to cooperate with an experienced and trustworthy education partner.
Brian says: "When we went into a process about the choice of education provider to ours Dynamics team quickly realized that there was one obvious solution that was right for. us.
We knew Readynez from earlier, and they were recommended by Microsoft and they could offer a programme that matched our needs exactly. In addition, Readynez has a unique learning concept that teaches "doing" in a practical environment.

Also, with Readynez we were able tospend fewer days on training, with consultants beign out of the office, and that is no insignificant benefir when you are a consultant. "
In close dialogue with Readynez, Visma chose to tailor a programme of course and certifications for the entire Dynamics team, consisting of 15 employees.
"We chose to send the entire team who work with Dynamics-based projects on the FIrerband training. Both salespeople, consultants and developers. We wanted, to reach a critical mass of knowledge that could seriously drive the business and that has worked!

That is a learning that I would like to pass on to others. It anchors knowledge in the organization in a way that is completely unique when there are enough people trained at the same time" says Brian Rosbøg.

The first qualification for Microsoft Dynamics partnership has been achieved, but at Visma it is prioritized to keep its formal competencies updated continuously."Today there are so many releases and updates to the products that you have to stay completely up to date, all the time. But that's part of our strategy to stay up to date, so moving forward, we will with Readynez to make big leaps forward, and then we´ll use Microsoft's e-learning to make the small steps. This gives us optimal results in relation to our investment of time and resources, "Brian says.

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Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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