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To ensure a successful digital transformation this company was keenly aware, that not only training, but also learner analytics tools, were needed as an essential part of their transformation project.

They wanted a more agile IT infrastructure for their changed market conditions:

  • They went from SAP to Dynamics NAV
  • A requirement to train 150 users
  • A customized Dynamics NAV solution
  • Training required in several global locations

Readynez Services
To ensure a successful digital transformation the customer was keenly aware, that not only training, but also learner analytics tools, were needed as an essential part of their transformation project.

To facilitate the change, they teamed with Readynez to define, develop and deliver the training for specific and well defined roles and requirements in the various departments.

Readynez tailormade a solution for them including Learner tracks, Customized training videos and blended training programmes consisting of both instructorled and online training. All progress was trackable in their tailormade learner analytics dashboard.

The delivery:

  • Design, Development and administration of the Programme
  • Project Management
  • Administration and support of online training platform
  • Video production of NAV training videos
  • Enabling video for online learning platform
  • Developing all course material for training
  • Training programmes
  • Developing rolebased learner tracks
  • Supplying Learner analytics to track progress and ensure smooth follow up

Why Readynez
The project was business critical and the customer wanted to work with an experienced trusted partner understanding of their situation and able to provide the complete platform and solution.

Readynez has extensive experience with Dynamics NAV, being the leading provider and 5 x times winner of the prestigious Microsoft learning partner of the year award.

Also, Readynez was able to deliver 100% customized training onsite with the customer across global locations as well as online.

The unique Readynez learner tracks made the learner experience personal and highly relevant while Readynez learner analytics addressed the engagement and adoption concerns + enabled ROI tracking.

Don´t spend on skills without a plan.
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1. Oct 2019

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

Maria arbejder med kommunikation og markedsføring for Readynez i Norden, hvor vi arbejder for at udvikle de skarpeste hjerner, der kan skabe bedre løsninger for succesfulde virksomheder.

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