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The best training in Europe enables digital transformation for INVID with the right skills and certifications.

For the IT consultancy firm INVID in Sweden, the current wave of digital transformations brings a demand for new skills and certifications from all customer facing personnel - both Service desk agents and senior consultants.

But how do you train a whole team of people quickly, without losing a lot of revenue, when they are out of production and away on training?

Strategy and solution
INVID is dedicated to stay on top of the changes in customer demand, and they have a clear mission to offer the best service desk- and consultancy services in their markets.

So for a recent upskilling project, INVID decided to bring Readynez onsite to their offices in Jönköping Sweden to train and certify a whole team of people in Microsoft 365, focused on Enterprise Administrator exams MS-100 + MS-101.

Readynez has been the preferred training supplier for INVID for several years.

“We have considered different training partners in the past, but Readynez was always more competitive. We like the concept. We spend minimum time and we leave with the certification in hand. It’s easy and convenient”, says Richard Wahlstedt,  Business Area Manager at INVID.

Onsite training instead of individual courses
For this particular upskilling project, a team of 11 people needed similar skills, and onsite training was the ideal solution. Using the Readynez SKILL model and onsite Readynez training, INVID was able to train and certify everyone in 6 days instead of the 10 days, that they would have spent with conventional training.

Richard says: “With Readynez’ training methodology, I avoided taking my service desk and consultants out of production for 4 days. It would simply not be feasible for our business, and the loss in billable hours would have made the whole project extremely expensive.”

Richard goes on to explain: “With Readynez, the cost profile and efficiency is just better, but so is the quality. We know that we always get the best instructors in Europe, and that enables us in a completely different way compared to other training providers. When we train, we really learn; Now, our service desk agents are able to support our customers even better and faster, because fewer requests need to escalate on the 2nd and 3rd line of support.”

The future
The digital transformations are really taking off for customers and INVID remains committed to lead the way with solutions, that enable their customers to reap the benefits of their own transformation projects.

That requires further acceleration of INVID’s own up- and reskilling in order to remain in the lead.

 “We are seeing a massive shift in demand now, where customers need us to help them benefit from technology and they don´t need us as much to assist with the operational side of the technology. Take Cloud for instance…It is still new for many, and concerns about security, architecture and ROI come up and it takes a different set of skills and services to address those concerns”, says Richard.

To conclude, Richard explains that the corporate training strategy is undergoing its own transformation. The employee driven course-by-course purchasing strategy is in the past.

Now, training budgets are closely connected to the organization’s strategy and INVID is looking into learner analytics and role-based learner track solutions to offer more transparency and control of the corporate competencies in general. That is what it takes to stay ahead of the game.

Get in touch with INVID: https://invid.se/ or reach out to Readynez using the chat or call 88 18 43 20 to learn more about role-based and customised training.


23. Jan 2020

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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