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The sheer scale and complexity of bridging the current technical skills gaps can be overwhelming, but it can be done with a new attitude and the right partner.

  • Tailormade skills that fit the business requirements perfectly
  • Talent with intellectual curiosity, who can be trained to do anything
  • Highly flexible solution – Zero initial cost

ALSO is a Swiss based IT technology provider with on-site presence in 23 European countries, generating total net sales of approximately 10.7 billion € with about 4.000 employees in 2019. In the ALSO ecosystem more than 660 vendors of hardware, software and IT-services have access to over 110.000 potential buyers.

ALSO’s three business models – Supply, Solutions and Service – cover the entire range from “on-premise” (transactional, aquisition of hardware and software) to “off premise” (IT-as-a-Service), including hybrid solutions and their workforce covers a wide range of different technologies and skills.

Talent over experience
In order to achieve profitable growth, ALSO needs people with the right skills, and for most businesses, including ALSO, skills acquisition was always a race to recruit and hire based on relevant experience.

“We needed people for our Microsoft Cloud teams, who were able to deliver fast! We could either search for the experienced profiles that were available at the time, or we could look into alternatives." explains Nicolai Elken – ALSO Regional Lead Software and Security.

It makes sense to look for alternatives. There is no getting around it: In today’s world of constant digital transformation, your demand for specific experience will continually and rapidly change. So why would you want to compete for those rare profiles, with today’s experience, with out-of-this world salaries and benefits?

Re-thinking the approach
Let’s face it. Small adjustments to your current Talent strategy will not be enough to avoid the current skills crisis, and the cost of inaction is staggering.

OECD research shows that the 14 G20 countries could miss out on as much as 11.5 trillion USD, if they fail to meet their technical skills demands. That is an entire percentage point of growth lost.

Every year…

But it doesn't have to be that way. In response to the skills crisis, the most successful business leaders are thinking of skills before they even start to think about technological upgrades, and they are approaching skills acquisition differently.

In short: They are investing in talent rather than experience, and that's why ALSO partnered with Readynez.

"When we heard of Readynez Talent as a Service that was an obvious choice for us. They offered a complete package including recruitment + tailormade qualification and certification that gives us excellent value-for-money”, explains Nicolai Elken – ALSO Regional Lead Software and Security.

“We hoped to get some talented people who were able to become productive quickly, and that is what we got.”

Nicolai explains that ALSO chose the highly flexible Talent-as-a-Service solution because it provided excellent flexibility:

“We were able to try them out, before we had to make the decision to hire them. The choice was ours, but we have actually just offered them permanent contracts after working with them for a year.

There is no initial investment and once you've selected your candidates, they are trained for your exact business requirements.

Our candidates were trained ongoingly and their skills have consistently been upgraded to fit the business needs, that is all part of the Talent-as-a-Service agreement.”

Nicolai goes on to explain that their Readynez Talents took on individual responsibilities within 3-4 months, and although expectations were high, it was still surprising that they were able to take on individual projects so quickly. None of them had any previous IT knowledge.

Nicolai explains: “It has a lot to do with their attitudes, they are just keen to learn. We've learned that you really can hire for talent and get them trained for your needs. You do not need to hire for experience.

One of the great strengths of Readynez’ Talent-as-a Service is that Readynez finds you the right people with ambition. You get talent that is ready to deliver, and Readynez takes care of all the details for you.

It’s been very flexible to work with and we will definitely do it again, when we need skills fast!”

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6. Apr 2020

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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