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Abdul is Syrian refugee, who worked his way, from being someone who didn't even speak the language to a career driven IT guy.

The Government funded programme
The first public offers were language training and internships, and it was a good start, but more was needed in order to enter the labor market.

Abdul says: “I talked with the people at Govenment who told me about THe  volunteer from KMD. She knew Readynez and she told me about the Career Mover programmei. At the time, I had no preconditions for getting a job in the IT industry. I was a graduate from middle school, but I really wanted to work with IT, even though I knew nothing about it. ”

Want to learn
When Abdul heard about the programme, he got signed up on the spot!

"I was incredibly happy to get the chance, but also a little scared. I did not have an IT background. But during the training, I learned everything I needed to know in order to gt started on my career path which eventually led me to a job as an.NET consultant with a large IT Consultancy firm"

Dream Big
Abdul got more and more training over a few years and he kept gettign hired into mnore nd more senior roles. Abdul says: “I am no longer "Abdul the refugee" and it's a good feeling to have a future ”.

“I love my job, I work with something I enjoy, and get paid at the same time. I didn't imagine that this would be possible for me. I was 24 when the war started and all my dreams were about surviving. I may have had a primitive dream of a stable life, but I didn´t know what that was ”

In the conversation with Abdul, there are two things that stand out; The focus and the dedication. Abdul says: “Now I am very grateful. When I look back, I am both surprised and grateful. But remember, this opportunity was provided for me by the programme. If no one had helped me with the opportunity, I could not have done it.”

8. Aug 2019

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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