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Here´s your chance to get that Amazon Web Services exam sorted! Or even if you haven´t trained for it - test your skills and sit the exam anyways - for free! All you have to do is answer 2 AWS questions (powered by our Expert Instructor Jens Gilges):

Question 1
You work for a games development company who are re-architecting their production environment. They have decided to make all web servers stateless. Which of the following the AWS services will help them achieve this goal? (Choose 3)

1. ElastiCache
2. EMR
3. RDS
4. ELB
5. DynamoDB

Question 2
With SAML-enabled single sign-on, ________. (Choose 1)

a/ The portal first verifies the user's identity in your organization, then generates a SAML authentication response.
b/ The portal acknowledges a SAML authentication response, then verifies the user's identity in your organization.
c/ After the client browser posts the SAML assertion, AWS sends the sign-in URL as a redirect, and the client browser is redirected to the Console.
d/ The client browser is immediately directed to the AWS Console.

Please send your answers to Maria at mf@readynez.com before Wednesday 15th May at 14.00 for your chance to win a free voucher for: 

DVA-C01 – AWS Certified Developer – Associate
SAA-C01 – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

And don´t forget to like the post in Linkedin - Best of luck to you :)

PS: If you feel like getting a bit of training in order to pass, you might want to look into the AWS courses here (exams are included).

10. May 2019

by Maria Forsberg



Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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