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After 9 years at Sundsgården, we´ve moved our Nordic training centre!

We´ll always have a soft spot for Sundsgården where everything begun for Readynez 9 years ago, but we´ve outgrown our facilities there and are pleased to announce that we´ve found our new home.

We´ve moved to the beautiful Örenäs Slott, just south of Helsingborg on the Öresund coast.

Örenäs Slott has all the facilities we could want for, to provide you with a perfect place to learn (and then some!)

Have a look at the video below and see the environment we´ll be offering you in Örenäs Slott.

We can´t wait to show you and we trust, that you´ll find it a suitable and lovely spot for your immersed course experience.

Come soon and see for yourself – Find your course here or call us to enquire at +45 88 18 43 20

10. Jul 2017

by Maria Forsberg

Maria Forsberg

Marketing Manager

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